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Best of 2021: Power up your business in 2022 with these extensions

Best of 2021: Power up your business in 2022 with these extensions

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To get you and your business off to a flying start this January, we’ve compiled a guide with the best extensions from 2021 for you. Discover countless ways to individualise, optimise and streamline your online presence. Find over 4,000 extensions in the Shopware Store that’ll help you realise and shape the ecommerce business of your dreams. Ready? Then let's get started!

Benefit from a diverse range of extensions 

In the Shopware Store you’ll find many helpful extensions to run your ecommerce business as effectively as possible: There are tools for migrating your online business, useful extensions for SEO optimisation, and valuable tools that facilitate payment and check-out processes when your customers make a purchase.

But these are just the basics. There’s so much more! In the Shopware Store you’ll also find countless extensions to supplement your administration, to upgrade your storefront, integrate shipping or payment systems, and many more.

If such a variety sounds a little overwhelming and you simply want to know which ones are the best of the best, then this article is for you. To help you find the most popular extensions in the Shopware Store, we’ve compiled The Best of 2021 for you. Read on to find out more!

The best extensions in 2021

Our guide is based on the number of downloads and positive ratings these extensions have received in the Shopware Store during the year. Whether it's an intuitive theme to simplify everyday workflows, or SEO and marketing tools to boost sales and conversion rates – the best extensions 2021 have impressed countless online retailers by supporting a flawless and powerful online presence. Join the club and don’t miss out on these popular extensions.

The top three 

Of course, the extensions that have performed best in 2021 offer consumers the most benefit, but they also simplify and optimise everyday workflows for you and your team – crucial if you want to focus on growing your business! Let's start with the first tool that made it to the top: 

Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager 


The Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager is a free code editor with integrated syntax highlighting for JavaScript and SCSS that allows you to manage and structure different codes using separate containers in Shopware 6.

Users of the Custom Manager are particularly enthusiastic about the many effortless applications as well as its adaptability without needing any programming knowledge.

The Custom JavaScript/CSS Manager stands out as one of our top three extensions thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Integrated container manager in the backend for custom JavaScript/CSS/SCSS
  • Smooth usability of SCSS variables and mixings from themes and apps
  • Simple compilation of the theme with a click in administration

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Manu Theme for Shopware 6



Manu empowers you to increase your sales figures thanks to its strategy-focused features and a polished, clean look. Users also love the countless customisation options, as well as the theme’s easy management in the backend.

Manu stands out with wide-ranging features such as:

  • 150 diverse theme setting options
  • 25 options for customising colours and typography
  • Direct integration of social media channels in the footer
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Easy to combine with other Shopware 6 apps

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DHL Shipping



When it comes to getting your goods to your customers as smoothly as possible, you cannot afford to miss the official DHL Shipping extension for Shopware. The extension allows you to create and print shipping labels quickly and easily in the Shopware administration. And you control shipping methods via the Shopware configuration so that any additional software is unnecessary.

As a plus, the already existing features for the DHL extension are constantly enhanced with new updates.

To sum up your benefits using the DHL extension:

  • Easy returns management
  • Automatic weight calculation based on the product data
  • Easy shipment tracking directly from the order overview
  • Automated shipment notifications from DHL
  • Support of DHL parcel notification
  • Cancel faulty labels directly in the backend
  • Individual configuration per sales channel

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Refine your business further with these extensions

In addition to our top three, there are several other tools that have performed extremely well and are worth highlighting. Could any of these be an invaluable extension that’ll help you scale your business in 2022? We certainly hope so!

Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking



The integration of the Google Tag Manager enables ecommerce tracking as well as enhanced ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics. This combination is an absolute must-have if you want to gain valuable insights into the purchase decisions of your customers. The tools collect all necessary data and allow you to perform powerful inventory analysis. With this in hand, you can map out the entire buying process into individual steps and consequently optimise them.

The tools also include several further technical functions for data analysis:

  • Prefix the GTM snippet in the head and body of each web page
  • Definition of the data layer for combinations of modules, controllers, and actions
  • The variables performed in the view are available as values of data layer properties
  • Use of Smarty syntax for inserting variables and changing values

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Blog-Extension for Shopware 6




The free open-source extension integrates a blog function into your Shopware 6 admin. With this, you can create blog posts and build valuable content pages to enhance your online presence. And you can filter your blog posts in the storefront as is most suitable for your business needs, for example according to your product categories or the respective author of the article.

But the extension offers many more unique features and functions: 

  • Useful CMS elements for an individual design
  • Adjustable page numbering and number of posts in the CMS element
  • API and headless-friendly output as JSON
  • Optimal SEO support
  • Multilingual support

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Mollie Payments



Check-out processes made easy! Offer your customers various payment options that seamlessly integrate with the official Shopware extension in your online store. Mollie includes all standard payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, Apple Pay, SEPA direct debit, and many more.

In addition, Mollie impresses with helpful functionalities that offer you and your customers a variety of benefits:

  • No contract commitment, set-up fees, or any other monthly costs
  • Switch payment methods on and off with one click
  • Intelligent fraud monitoring for all payments
  • Multicurrency: Customers can pay in their preferred currency
  • Easy creation of a payment plan
  • Real-time accounting and easy processing of refunds

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Categories and subcategories in the Shopping Experiences feature



Effortlessly list and link categories or subcategories including images in Shopware’s expressive CMS feature “Shopping Experiences”. With this, you can create clear and well-structured navigations throughout your online store thanks to multiple category hierarchies.

But the extension boasts even more useful functions: 

  • Specific selection of categories
  • Individual adaptability in the theme
  • Automatic management of links to categories
  • Better user guidance
  • Outstanding online shopping experiences for customers

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DHL Adapter


If you’re a fan of the DHL Shipping extension, then no doubt you’ll love this tool, too. The DHL Adapter by Pickware for Shopware offers similar functions as the DHL Shipping App. However, this adapter also connects your online store to your account in the DHL business customer portal, which means that there are no further costs except the shipment costs.

The DHL Adapter adds powerful features to top up the DHL Shipping App functionalities:

  • Automatic integration of Shopware's shipping-notification tracking link
  • Automatic delivery updates and parcel notifications by DHL
  • Simultaneous creation of multiple shipping labels
  • Setup of preferred delivery date, time, packing station and post office when using DHL's the DHL Preferred Delivery Services
  • Automatic generation of digital customs documents for non-EU countries

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Accept-all-cookies popup



This extension is indispensable, full stop. It offers you an eye-catching popup instead of the very discreet cookie banner that can easily be overlooked by browsing customers. With an attractive popup however, your customers are more likely to accept cookies that are necessary to optimise your store performance. This has many advantages for you as an online retailer – the improvement of store performance with the help of tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar just being one of them.

All features at a glance:

  • Conspicuous cookie popup for better highlighting
  • Large "Accept" button
  • Optional page reload after acceptance
  • Improvement of your shop through tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar

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Increase your sales with the customisable ThemeWare® Modern Pro tool




If you want to grow fast in digital commerce, then don’t miss out on this incredible all-rounder. The ThemeWare® Modern Pro extension is a sales-increasing and customisable Shopware theme, optimised for SEO and page speed. The extension offers you detailed instructions, video tutorials, and a sleek setup with comprehensive graphics. You can even participate in specialised online courses that’ll show you how to implement the extension to your maximum benefit. 

ThemeWare®Modern Pro has convinced many enthusiastic users. Why not let yourself be wowed by the countless functions, too?

  • 31 valuable apps to complement the functionalities
  • Professional shopping experiences with storytelling features
  • Unlimited customisability with over 900 settings
  • Countless header and footer designs as well as many configuration options
  • Boxed, wide, and full-width layout for a flawless appearance
  • Additional fields to showcase special or supportive product details
  • Excellent support to realise your vision and business goals

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Best of 2021: To the overview 

Leverage your growth potential in 2022 and take your business further with these powerful, cutting-edge extensions! To find out more, please visit the Shopware Store. Here we have a compact overview as well as further information about all the extensions for you. 

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