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Beyond Black Friday: Strategies to benefit long-term from your promotional events [free white paper]

Beyond Black Friday: Strategies to benefit long-term from your promotional events [free white paper]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the Super Bowl of sales for ecommerce businesses. But what happens when the confetti settles? How do you keep those one-time deal-seekers coming back for more? Dive into our latest whitepaper "Beyond Black Friday" to find out how to convert seasonal shoppers into lifelong fans.

ℹ️ Why is this important?

Last year, Black Friday shattered records, raking in an eye-popping $9.12 billion in the U.S. alone. But that’s not all: a Custobar study reveals that a staggering 79% of these shoppers hit it and quit it – they buy once and never return.[2] Don't let these potential loyal customers slip through your fingers.

🎯 The challenge

Black Friday brings in a flood of new customers, but it comes at a price – literally. Your ad spend skyrockets and those deep discounts can eat into your profits. The real win? Turning these one-time shoppers into repeat customers.

💪 How can you master this challenge?

There are effective strategies across a range of topics that can help you turn your Black Friday customers into returning customers. We've teamed up with five experts in our partner network to develop a white paper that addresses this very challenge.

What's inside this white paper:

  • Unlock the secrets of customer data and communicate effectively to turn seasonal shoppers into local year-round customers.

  • Apply behavioral economics hacks to keep first-time buyers coming back.

  • Boost your online store's performance for a frictionless shopping spree.

  • Seal the deal at checkout and score lifelong customers.

  • Master the art of search and discovery to build a loyal customer base.

Why you can't miss this:

  • Strategies for sustainable customer loyalty that go way beyond Black Friday

  • Insider tips from our partner experts in customer data, behavioral economics, online performance, checkout, and search & discovery

  • Easy-to-digest format with 5 actionable tips for each focus area and key takeaways

  • Innovative impulses and practical examples that are immediately actionable

  • Exclusive tips for Shopware users as well as universal solutions

🤝 Featured Partners: Custobar, Synaigy, 8mylez, Nexi, Doofinder

[1] Black Friday online sales reach record $9.12 billion in 2022. By Gretchen Salois, November 28, 2022. Last accessed in August 2023.

[2] Analysis of customer data from 20 Finnish merchants with two million customers in all in 2022 conducted by Custobar.

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