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Blast off: Shopware now available in the cloud through Bitnami

Blast off: Shopware now available in the cloud through Bitnami

We are excited to announce we’ve partnered with Bitnami, making it even easier for developers and users to install and configure Shopware. 

Easy deployment in 1 click

Bitnami is trusted by developers, small businesses and enterprises world-wide for running favorite open source programs in the cloud or on their own servers. The specialized platform also provides you with the most up-to-date version of its applications – this makes it possible for you to easily download installers and virtual machines of Shopware’s latest version at any time.

Moreover, applications are completely self-contained and have all relevant elements preinstalled such as Webserver, PHP MyAdmin and MySQL.

“Bitnami and Shopware are a great fit because we both value providing a high quality, low-friction deployment experience for companies who might not otherwise consider taking advantage of all that the cloud has to offer,” said Brad Bock, Bitnami’s Partner Success Manager.

Shopware in the Cloud

Bitnami allows you to host Shopware on the most important Cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

You can also now test Shopware as a demo in the AWS Cloud from Amazon; an opportunity which gives the you 1 hour to test Shopware’s entire functional range for free.

The platform also provides you with a clear and uncomplicated path to download and run Shopware, making it possible for you to immediately begin using one of Europe’s most popular eCommerce platforms.

International reputation

Dale Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Bitnami, sees a constructive cooperative partner in the German software manufacturer: “With more than 54,000 online storefronts currently running Shopware, they are clearly a leader in eCommerce and we couldn’t be more pleased to offer this new option for Bitnami users.”

We are equally pleased and are optimistic that the new cooperation will further strengthen our recognition in America and on a global scale. As said by Shopware’s CEO and founder: “In working closely with Bitnami, it’s our goal to reach new users and become even more well known internationally.”

What are you waiting for? Hit the ground running and head over to Shopware’s stack on Bitnami now:

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