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Boost your online store with video ads and local marketing

Boost your online store with video ads and local marketing

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Surprise! The holiday season is just around the corner. What are you doing to get your store ready for the peak sales phase of 2022? Our technology partner releva.nz has a tip for you to bring back visitors who’ve left your shop without making a purchase. It’s quick, painless, and will help boost your sales: the releva.nz app.

The app has already been downloaded more than 850 times and is proving very popular with the community, earning an average of 4.5 stars. Store owners have been using it since 2015 to reach users outside of their own store with automatically generated retargeting ads. Now the Berlin-based releva.nz team has integrated two more sales-boosting features into its Shopware extension: Dynamic video retargeting and hyperlocal ads. Find out why video ads are such a good retargeting tool, how the app helps with retargeting, and who’s behind the app.

Bring back even more abandoned cart customers with dynamic video retargeting


Video content is more popular than ever, and demand for video continues to grow. It has been shown that advertising messages packaged in videos attract more attention than static advertising banners. Large corporations have been aware of this for some time, as evidenced by the number of video ads they place on platforms such as YouTube. A lot of merchants in the German ecommerce sector, however, tend to be small to medium-sized enterprises and often can’t afford the expense of producing and placing video ads. 


Consumption and impact of video content online 

This is where the__ releva.nz extension__ comes into play. Using the logo and the store’s product catalog, it automatically generates dynamic video ads in real time and plays them on sites that the abandoned cart customer subsequently visits. So if a potential customer visits an online store, looks at several products, and leaves the store without making a purchase, they will see personalized advertising in the form of short videos when they visit portals such as Spiegel, WELT, or Wetter.de. Their interest is reactivated, some of the visitors will then return to the store and finish their purchase.

The ads are shown either before, during, or after the actual video – a format everyone will recognize from YouTube advertising, for example. The releva.nz AI selects the best placement based on the available advertising space.

Other advantages of releva.nz video retargeting at a glance:

  • Branding effect: Video ads are attention-grabbing. The dynamic video ads show the product and price alongside the store logo, creating an additional branding effect.

  • Additional marketing channel: Fifty percent of all internet users watch videos every day. Advertising shown before, during, or after videos can hugely boost the presence of your store.

  • More touchpoints: The average user needs several touchpoints before deciding to buy a product. Video ads are the ideal complement to marketing channels such as display ads, social media, or Google search ads.

  • No additional effort: The releva.nz extension automatically generates and plays video ads. This means retailers don’t need to invest additional time in a new marketing channel.

  • Competitive edge: So far, very few medium-sized retailers have discovered video ads. Merchants who use the releva.nz extension will therefore find themselves a crucial step ahead of their direct rivals!

Dynamic retargeting: Major growth in sales through complex technology

The success enjoyed by releva.nz customers underlines how well dynamic retargeting works in the ecommerce sector. Companies like FUNDIS, DICTUM, and PULLUP & DIP were able to boost their sales by between 15 and 25 percent within a short space of time using conventional retargeting with static ads. They can expect an even bigger jump in sales with the addition of the video ads feature.

At the core of this successful advertising technology is the releva.nz data center. That’s where you can see artificial intelligence in practice. Algorithms form clusters from the GDPR-compliant user data that the releva.nz extension collects in the retailer’s store and recognizes, for example, when and on which channels users are most likely to click on an ad. The AI also controls the frequency of the ads so that users are not bombarded with advertising. This intricate system is self-learning and continually improves.

Store owners will not notice any of this in the store’s backend. All they need to do is install the releva.nz extension in a matter of clicks, set a daily ad budget, select whether they want video ads in addition to static ads, then sit back and watch their sales grow in the releva.nz dashboard.

For merchants who are looking to place their products in local environments: The hyperlocal feature from releva.nz


A lot of retailers run their business in a hybrid format: They sell online and also in a brick-and-mortar store. The releva.nz extension skillfully combines the online and offline worlds through hyperlocal marketing, increasing footfall in the retailer's physical store. It also offers potential for retailers without a local store, as they can carefully place their products in the environment of events or exhibitions.


Here’s how it works: In the releva.nz extension, store operators can select one or more locations on a map, for example their brick-and-mortar store or any points of interest such as exhibition centers or event venues. Ads are then played on end devices in the immediate vicinity of these locations. These end devices may be smartphones belonging to people passing the store or the venue, for example, or laptops being used by local residents. In each case, their attention is drawn to the business. 

The retailer can choose the radius themselves and can even scale it down to a 50-meter area to reach a very specific local target group. The extension also allows the retailer to specify the time the ad is shown. 

This form of hyperlocal advertising is particularly useful if the store is promoting special offers or local campaigns, but also for advertising in the direct vicinity of events.

But that’s not all: When a user clicks on one of the ads and is taken to the store or the retailer’s website, the releva.nz retargeting features kick in. The user is tagged with a retargeting pixel and will then receive the retailer’s ads even when they are no longer within the predefined radius. This allows the retailer to target their customers with advertising repeatedly over a longer period, significantly boosting the chance that they will make a purchase.


Try the releva.nz extension free for 30 days

The releva.nz extension with the two new features ‘Video Retargeting’ and ‘HyperLocal Marketing’ is available to all Shopware 5 and 6 users in the Shopware Store. New customers can try the app for 30 days and will also be given EUR 30 towards their ad budget during the trial period.

releva.nz has an onboarding process for new users:

  1. 1. Start call: Your contact partner will explain the releva.nz extension to you
  2. 2. First campaign feedback: After approx. 10 days, you will get a first overview of how your retargeting campaigns are performing
  3. 3. Analysis: At the end of the free, 30-day trial phase, we will analyze your campaign’s successes and help you select the right tariff
  4. 4. Continuous updates: We will examine campaign performance with you at regular intervals and provide tips on how to boost your sales further




Who’s behind it? A German start-up, based in Berlin, of course!

The fact that 97 percent of all visitors to a store leave without making a purchase can be frustrating. That’s what the founders of releva.nz thought back in 2015 when they decided to develop an extension that would bring cart abandoners back to the store and turn them into buyers.

Their years of experience in the__ performance marketing sector__ led to a retargeting tool that is suitable for online stores of any size: Fully automated, easy to use, and transparent when it comes to monitoring success. Seven years on, the releva.nz extension is among the most efficient tools for boosting online store’s sales, having delivered over 809 million ads and generated 7.5 million ad clicks, more than 600,000 sales, and a shopping cart volume of EUR 83.44 million! What’s more, the software has been officially certified by IT-Recht.

About the author


Writing for releva.nz here is Florian Müller, founder and CEO of Content Guys AI – a digital agency specializing in disruptive industries such as ecommerce, voice tech, mobility, VR, and esports. He has been involved with game-changing technologies since the early 2000s, regularly publishing technical articles in relevant industry magazines and helping businesses gain more visibility in seminal competitive environments.


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