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Check out the new product roadmap

Check out the new product roadmap

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Transparency is part and parcel of Shopware’s DNA. That is why we believe it is important to give all interested parties a quick, well-structured overview of our products as well as Shopware features that are still pending. We have therefore improved our product roadmap. What’s new? What will it tell you and what will be added in the future? We take a closer look at the new roadmap__ in this blog article.__

The old roadmap versus the new one  what has changed?

A look at the old roadmap shows that things have changed, both visually as well as in terms of content. We take a closer look at the changes.

1) New classification of features

Instead of the original month view, you will now find that the features are divided into three different sections. These are subdivided as follows:


You can see all the features that are currently in development (purple) here. The purple progress bar shows you how much the development of each feature has advanced. If you click on the feature, you can also see the progress as a percentage, as well as a description of the feature.



You can see the feature description and development progress as a percentage with just one click.

But that’s not the only thing you’ll find in the Current section: __features recently completed in the last two months __no longer disappear from the roadmap as soon as they are finished. Instead, they move upwards in the display and are shown there for another two months. You will find these new features in green, marked “released”. By clicking on a particular feature, you will be shown in which Shopware 6 version it has been released.



Features move up in the display as soon as they have been released.


In this section you can see the features that have already been scheduled for implementation. This means that the design of the feature has already been finalised so that we can start development as soon as we have the available capacity. You can click on the feature to find out more about it here too. You can therefore use the Next section to find advance information about what’s coming up.



Next: features which have been planned and designed but not yet started.


In the Future section you will also find features that have already been scheduled. The difference from the Next section? These topics do not yet have a fully-formulated concept. We have already established that these features are important and should be developed, but the design phase has not yet been completed. The good thing about this is that there is an opportunity for you to have your say. Perhaps you have some feedback on the topic or suggestions for its implementation? More about this later... 

Previously released

In this section you will find features that were previously listed under “Current”. They have already been released for more than two months and can be viewed here for up to 6 months after completion. When you click on a feature you can also see in which Shopware version it was released.



The green tag in the information window shows you in which Shopware version the feature is available.

2) Improved user experience

We have also optimised the Shopware roadmap in terms of user experience. We have given it a clearer look overall. All features which have recently been relevant or still will be in the future can now be easily seen, regardless of the Shopware plan.

You can see the relevant development or release status thanks to the new subdivision of coloured sections and progress bars. Windows with more detailed information no longer appear by mouseover, which blocks your view, but can be easily opened and closed with a click of the mouse.

In addition, the tags help by giving you additional information quickly, by showing for example, which plan it is or that a feature has already been released.

Another handy characteristic is that features no longer disappear from the roadmap as soon as they have been released, which means that you can subsequently still find out more information about the feature. For example, you can find out the version in which it was released, or what the feature actually does.

This is also part of the Shopware product roadmap

Whilst the following aspect is not new, it is still worth knowing about.

Always up to date due to the technical connection 

The product roadmap is automatically synchronised and thus always up to date. Our Chief Product Officer (CPO), Josua Seiler, gives the following explanation:


The Shopware product roadmap(s) – what we are planning for the future

We will continue to expand the Shopware roadmap even further in the future. Two innovations have already been planned.

Firstly, we would like to enable users to give direct feedback. This option is already available for features which have not yet been fully designed. This allows us to use the feedback in the design phase.

Secondly, we plan to publish further roadmaps. As well as this features roadmap, there will be another one which solely illustrates technical innovations. This means that larger bug fixes or updates can be identified in good time, for example, and extensions can be adjusted in advance.

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