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Check out the new product roadmap

Check out the new product roadmap

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At this year's digital SCD we have already announced it: A new Shopware Roadmap is being planned - and now it's here! What is new, what can you see and what will be added in the future? In this blog post we take a close look at the new roadmap.

The old versus the new roadmap - what has changed?

A look at the old roadmap shows that a lot has changed, both visually and in terms of content. And what isn’t visible: There are also technical innovations. But more about that later. The most obvious first:

Five-months overview

Instead of the original division into "Current", "Next" and "Future", you will now see a five-month overview on the new roadmap page. It shows you the last month, the current month and the three coming months.


Here is a view of the old roadmap. From now on you can find the new roadmap on www.shopware.com under Products > Roadmap

Interesting facts in the information box for each innovation

As with the old roadmap, the new roadmap will also show you an information box for each new feature when you move the mouse over it. A title and an information text explain what it is all about.

That's new: The information box now also contains a tag that provides information about the affiliation. New features that are already being implemented also have an exact start and end date as well as a progress indicator in percent. Progress is also shown by the blue progress bar.



Caption: The information boxes contain interesting facts about each innovation.

Colour scheme ensures optimum visibility

The colours and the corresponding legend show you easily and clearly, which is already in the implementation.


Milestones (releases) are also marked on the roadmap: You can recognize them by the purple missile icon.

New products with an own roadmap

Last but not least, the new roadmap page differs from the old one because we now display new products or editions. The following roadmaps can now be found at a glance:

  • Platform
  • Starter Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Shopware PWA

Important: The platform is the elementary core. It shows you the status of the Shopware 6 Community Edition and is the basis for all commercial editions. Here's an example: If you are using the Professional Edition, a look at the platform roadmap is just as relevant as a look at the roadmap for the Professional Edition. This is because new features of the platform are also implemented in the Professional Edition.

Always up-to-date due to the technical connection ⚠️

As already mentioned, the new roadmap also hides a technical innovation. Our Director Product (Technology & Experience), Josua Seiler, has led the relaunch of the roadmap and explains this as follows:


As you can see, the Shopware Roadmap is always up to date. This applies to the progress display of the individual innovations as well as to fundamental planning changes, which we will also communicate in our Global Product Update.

Are there any further plans for the new roadmap?

We want to expand the roadmap even further in the future. This includes an additional point for each roadmap. Like the "Future" segment of the old roadmap, this one is intended to be a kind of "Coming soon". It will list innovations that do not yet have a fixed implementation date but are still on our radar and will be added to the Roadmap soon. This way the community can prepare for it at an early stage.

In summary: A transparent overview for the community

Openness is one of our core values. Accordingly, we want the Shopware roadmap to provide an even more transparent and up-to-date overview for our community.

In summary, the new roadmap has changed the following: 

  • New subdivisions and additional roadmaps, for example Shopware PWA and Shopware Starter
  • Live information: The roadmap updates automatically and directly
  • New design, legend and colour differentiation for a better overview
  • 5-month overview
  • Live progress display for each individual innovation that is already being implemented
  • Milestones like planned releases can be seen on top of each roadmap as a purple rocket icon
  • Tags inform about the exact affiliation of the innovations

Get an overview for yourself!

Click here for the new roadmap page

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