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D2C ecommerce examples: the 10 most beautiful online shops

D2C ecommerce examples: the 10 most beautiful online shops

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There are many D2C ecommerce examples on Shopware 6 that wow us. We would like to take this opportunity to present a few particularly attractive shops to you here. Our product designer and manager Aaron Schaarschmidt helped with our selection.

Reef – Dive in and experience the true spirit of the beach

Reef was founded by two brothers from Argentina who wanted to express their love of surfing, travel, and beach culture in their brand. Their brand is especially known for its iconic and casual sandals – and continues to champion the motto “Beach freely”.


And it’s exactly this attitude to life that their online shop conveys as well. Large-scale beach pictures, colourful elements, and a casual font give you that summer and ocean vibe.

About the shop

Company name: Reef / Brandfusion Holland BV, inz REEF webshop

Partner: We Provide B.V.

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Rofa – Protect what you care for



Since it was founded in 1897, Rofa has been among the leading textile manufacturers in Germany for high-quality and innovative protective work wear. Their online shop visually aligns with their focus on safety and protection.

The dominating colours here are black, white, and the signal colour red. Diagonal stripes, like you would see on safety tape, are a recurring graphic element that is even used to introduce new paragraphs of text.



Well thought out: because they operate within the B2B segment, the trader login can be found directly on the ribbon. The prominent search bar enables users from all types of sectors to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

About the shop

Company name: Rofa Bekleidungswerk GmbH & Co. KG

Partner: basecom GmbH & Co.KG

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Wüsthof – A place for kitchen pros to find what they’re looking for

A clean and uncluttered surface is just as important in the kitchen as it is in an online shop. The e-commerce presence of the Wüsthof company proves this by selling the appropriate utensil: kitchen knives.



A clever feature: Some images appear with a cutting animation to capture the users’ attention even more. In addition to cutting-edge product images, the shop also boasts a consistent corporate identity through its solid combination of content and commerce. This way, customers can educate themselves on the use of knives in the “Knowledge” category and gain valuable tips about meal preparation.

About the shopp

Company name: Wüsthof GmbH

Partner: Webmatch GmbH

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Dinzler – A colourful selection of premium coffee

The Bavarian coffee roasting house Dinzler sells fair-trade premium coffee. And that’s exactly what tickles the user’s taste buds when browsing through this colourful online shop.



A colour coding system supports the user in finding their way through the shop and its nine main categories. The dominating colours here have just as much of a strong impact as some of their types of coffee. Using the filter features, shop visitors will quickly find exactly the type of coffee that’s made to their taste. The product detail page also illustrates the main flavours.



About the shop

Company name: DINZLER Kaffeerösterei AG

Partner: dasistweb GmbH

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You can also find out more in our case study.

einrichten design – limitless, stylish shopping

The love for design is not only reflected in the unusual pieces of furniture, but also in the online shop "einrichten design" of the company büroforum - planen und einrichten GmbH. Elegance, functionality and professionalism run like a red thread through the online shop and its products. Pieces of furniture of well-known designers are stylishly staged here and are not withheld from the international clientele also by the connection of most diverse country stores.



Appealing product images allow the shopper a sophisticated user experience even on mobile devices. The high-performance search, which also displays information on availability by category and manufacturer in the results as a sidebar, contributes to the consistently positive shopping experience. 

The discount actions, which can be administered easily with Shopware 6, are already highlighted in the listing just like bestsellers and new products by clean and nevertheless remarkable icons. And also the categories "Interior styles" or "Products classified after decade" create a shopping experience to the shopper's taste.

The broadly set up payment offer, which e.g. includes PayPal already integrated with Shopware 6, as well as the comprehensive consulting service perfectly round off the shopping experience.

About the shop

Company name: einrichten design

Partner: Kellerkinder GmbH

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Fackelmann – Flavour for cooking enthusiasts

Foodies are guaranteed to find just the thing in Fackelmann’s online shop. Their ranges include products for cooking, baking, and so much more. With such a large selection, it’s important to draw visitors’ attention to ongoing deals. With a so-called deal ribbon and a prominent deal slider featuring the latest deals, this is as easy as pie. And what’s more: various stories are displayed directly below to engage visitors and direct them to category pages with matching filters.



The brand’s corporate design is accentuated beautifully in this carefully designed shop - be it through the compelling colour scheme, the icons for all subcategories, or the playful background in the basket.



About the shop

Company name: FACKELMANN GmbH + Co. KG

Partner: dasistweb GmbH

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TEAM DR JOSEPH – Relaxed online shopping

This company sells certified organic plant-based natural cosmetics and wellness products. This is harmoniously reflected on their website and in their shop.


Conservative pastel shades and atmospheric feel-good images exude a soothing and inspiring vibe, inviting the visitor to relax and shop.


About the shop

Company name: VITALIS Dr. Joseph GmbH

Partner: tincx.

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Armedangels – Fair Fashion meets timeless design

The fashion label Armedangels shows that fair & eco do not contradict modern & beautiful - which also holds true for online store!


Armedangels is one of the largest Eco & Fair Fashion labels in Europe. Quality and sustainability are as important as transparency and fairness. In line with the company’s values, there are several content pages in the online shop where users can easily find information about production facilities, materials, and labels.

Their clothing line consists of timeless, essential pieces, and the store compliments their products with a clean and expressive design: black, white, and gray are complemented by a striking yellow that sets accents. Large-format images are particularly effective and convey different moods or set the fashion in scene.


Even on mobile devices the shop’s overview is easy to navigate, and boasts a UI concept that has been clearly designed with great consideration. For example, users can display different variants directly in the product listing and use the “Quick Add Function” to add the product to the shopping cart in the appropriate size with just one click.

About the shop

Company name: Social Fashion Company GmbH

Partner: dasistweb GmbH

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Also take a look at our interview to learn more about the company’s sustainability concept and their migration from Magento to Shopware.

Glampinglove – A camper’s delight

This start-up from Ingolstadt lives up to its name in its online shop. Anyone who has fallen in love with glamping (combination of “glamour” and “camping”) is sure to find the right equipment here.

The minimalistic shop featuring a collapsible menu is also easy to use on mobile devices. Its conservative menu navigation allows for the feminine colour scheme to steal the show. The bohemian look, which perfectly harmonises with the overall glamping theme, is like a red (correction: pink) thread running through the online shop – whether that’s reflected in the font, images, or icons. A clever feature: icons highlight product variations in the product overview.


About the shop

Company name: Glamping Love GmbH

Partner: KOMMA-D GmbH

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Designkicker – Where design comes into play

In their online shop, the Designkicker team sells high-quality and iconic football tables made by the Spanish family business RS Barcelona. Their product range also includes ping-pong tables, pool tables, and furniture relating to games and design.


The product configurator offered in the shop is certainly a winner. Using the product configurator, online shoppers can determine the varnish colour and other details such as the logo, the look of the football players as well as the materials (outdoor/indoor).

About the shop

Company name: Designkicker

Partner: KOMMA-D GmbH

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