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Shopware Markets: Rev up your online store with eBay and Amazon

Shopware Markets: Rev up your online store with eBay and Amazon
UPDATE: This blog post is out of date and Shopware Markets is no longer available. For further solutions, please visit our Store .

Shopware Markets is here! You may wonder, how can this new service help you to sell your products in marketplaces as well as your online store? What makes marketplaces such an attractive prospect? And what hurdles does Shopware Markets do away with?

What is Shopware Markets?

Shopware Markets is a Shopware service that is now available for Shopware 6. The extension provides a seamless connection of your online store to the Amazon and eBay marketplaces – making the transfer of data, information and processes as convenient as possible. This allows retailers to benefit from a comprehensive overview and easy store management with little effort.

What hurdles are involved in connecting to online marketplaces?

Retailers often regard the additional effort involved in listing their items as a hassle. The same applies to managing sales outside their usual processes. Shopware Markets removes both hurdles.

Why use marketplaces?

Especially new online stores face the challenge of acquiring visitors and ultimately customers, not least due to customer behaviour. Many customers don`t actually start their transaction-oriented searches on search engines like Google, but directly on well-known marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Online store operators can connect to these and then sell their products on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay as well. As an example, 21.80 % of online shops generate at least 20 % of their sales via Amazon, for example. 

There is a simple reason for this: In the age of digitalisation, new online stores are popping up on the market almost daily – often with identical or similar product ranges. These online retailers compete in the free traffic channels, such as Google or Bing, for attractive top rankings. It can take months to attain such high-reach rankings. The reason for this is that optimising search results (SEO) has become significantly more demanding and time consuming. 

It can therefore make sense and be economically attractive for online shop operators to benefit from the customer base of large marketplaces. This allows relevant sales to be generated even during the initial phase when the online shop is still unknown. However, connecting to marketplaces can be significant not only for online stores that are still in their infancy, but also for established online retailers. A marketplace presence on Amazon or eBay addresses customers who have a research-intensive purchasing decision process. This means that the online store is present on the customer’s every marketplace and touchpoint, and the merchant is therefore best placed to receive an order.

In summary, connecting to marketplaces offers online retailers the following benefits: 

  • Direct reach is immediately generated, overcoming initial problems to gain an audience that can then become loyal customers
  • Synergy effects thanks to the large customer base of marketplaces 
  • Lower acquisition costs depending on each individual case

You can read more about the benefits and disadvantages here (german text). If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for you, Shopware Markets is an option worth testing. 

What exactly does Shopware Markets do?

Shopware Markets boasts the following functions:

Everything in view with Shopware

  • From offering the products to importing the orders and sending shipping notifications – you can follow the entire process in Shopware
  • Marketplace errors are displayed directly in the Shopware admin - no login to the seller account required
  • Orders appear in the admin in the same familiar way as any other sales channel 
  • Shipping notifications are automatically sent when the order status changes 

Simple data transfer 

  • Simple mapping of Shopware categories, properties and measurement units 
  • Simple assignment of articles via the familiar sales channel option 
  • Custom fields can be mapped to attributes 
  • Input of keywords for products from the admin console

Go international

Link your shop not only to amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk, but to international marketplaces too (.nl, .fr, .it etc.)

More Options – depending on the price package

Shopware Markets is available in various price packages: Shopware Markets, Shopware Markets Plus and Shopware Markets Pro. The Shopware Market Plus price package and above allows you to transfer an unlimited number of products to the marketplace. Transaction fees are also reduced in Shopware Markets Pro. This change is therefore particularly worthwhile if a large number of orders are generated via the marketplaces.

Pricing for (Markets / Markets Plus / Markets Pro)

  • Basic fee (monthly): 9,90 € / 29,90 € / 99,90 € 
  • Transaction fee: 0,30 € / 0,30 € / 0,25 €
  • Transactions included: 30 / 100 / 400

Other Advantages of Shopware Markets Plus and Shopware Markets Pro:

  • Amazon Prime or eBay Plus features
  • Appealing Shopware Markets template for the detail page on eBay 
  • Use of the eBay price suggestion function 
  • And much more 

How does the connection work? 

Shopware Markets is available for all Shopware 6 plans. However, it is only available for self-hosted versions of Shopware 6. At present, Shopware Markets is not available for the cloud. 

If you are using a self-hosted version you can set up and run Shopware Markets directly from the Shopware admin. To do so, simply use the wizard to connect to your Amazon or eBay seller account (if you do not yet have a seller account on Amazon or eBay, you will first need to create one).

Can you use Shopware Markets if you are already represented on Amazon or eBay? Of course you can!

When connecting your store to the marketplaces of Amazon or eBay, the integrated transfer service of Shopware Markets recognises that products are available in the respective seller accounts. There is no need to delete or add products just to synchronise the shop. This is especially important for goods that are already selling well or have positive ratings.

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