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Email marketing to fall in love with – how to inspire two target groups on Valentine’s Day

Email marketing to fall in love with – how to inspire two target groups on Valentine’s Day

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You either love it or hate it ... Valentine’s Day is on its way, and it’s a promising sales booster for online as well as offline retailers. In this guest article, Shopware technology partner CleverReach® explains how your customers will fall in love with your very special newsletter campaign on Valentine’s Day. 

For people who’re in love, Valentine’s Day can be a very opportune occasion to make their loved ones happy with a special gift. But watch out: Not everybody’s on cloud nine on Valentine’s Day. What about the singles and all those who simply understand Valentine's Day as a consumer day for unimaginative lovers?  

The Day of Love certainly divides hearts and subscribers into two target groups: Valentine’s fans and Valentine’s haters. On the one hand, there are countless Valentine’s lovers who will fill their shopping carts with love and your products. On the other hand, there just as many singles and Valentine’s haters who are sick of the hype and consider romantic newsletters as junk mail. We’ll show you how to conquer both target groups with your newsletter campaign in this article.

The Two-Campaigns strategy for your email marketing on Valentine’s Day 

First of all, it’s essential that you know your target groups. Who’s going to open your newsletter and who’s not? It won’t do to simply know the age or gender of your subscribers. A female single, who’s just ended a relationship or who’s been single for years will probably not be amused to get a romantic newsletter. 

3 tips on how to unmask Valentine’s fans and Valentine’s haters 

  1. Start by sending out a Valentine's Day announcement with a romantic subject line in advance. A subject line that rather appeals to Valentine’s fans. The perfect subject line has between 45 and 65 characters. Based on the newsletter open rate, you decide who you want to reach with your campaign. The average open rate varies, depending on the industry. Your open rate may be below the overall average and still be a good indicator for you and your industry. The average open rate across all industries is approx. 20%.

  2. If you don’t want to send an email in advance, e.g. because you don’t have the time, just take a look at the open rates of the last 2-3 years. These figures help you decide whether you want to go for a romantic Valentine’s campaign or appeal to the singles and Valentine’s haters with a completely different campaign. 

  3. Conduct a short survey using a survey tool of your choice. e.g. SurveyMonkey, which can be integrated into a newsletter software like CleverReach®. Send a newsletter and add the survey title to the subject line, e.g. What do you think of Valentine’s Day? When your subscribers get what it’s all about, they’ll love to participate. With SurveyMonkey, you can create online surveys, automatically evaluate results, and view them graphically. Based on the results of your survey, you decide to go for one or even both campaign types. 

The Valentine’s newsletter for lovers 

3 Subject lines to sweep your subscribers off their feet 

• Sexy Valentine’s outfits at irresistible prices 

• 20 % off all delicious Valentine’s products for lovers  

• In love already or still looking for the tool of your dreams? 

3 tempting Valentine’s campaign ideas

  1. Dressed to the nines on Valentine’s. Present your customers a selection of sexy dresses, blouses, tops and skirts at Valentine's Day prices. Give 10 tips for the perfect Valentine’s style. True to the motto: Dress up for love. 

  2. Your perfect Valentine’s Dinner. You don’t always have to go to a fancy restaurant. Home is a great place to enjoy a Valentine’s Dinner as a couple or with friends. Offer your subscribers matching product suggestions at Valentine's prices. Possible are food product baskets and boxes or romantically branded gift vouchers to give away. 

  3. It doesn’t always have to be flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Offer your subscribers 14.2% off selected craftsmen or garden products for the Valentine's Day weekend (Thu - Sat). The Valentine’s message: Stop building cloud-castles, get your hands on the real stuff.


Use the occasion to inspire your Valentine’s fans with tempting promotions and romantic special offers on Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget: Love and emotions should mark the center of your campaign, not only the attractive price. 

Buck-the-trend newsletter for Singles and Valentine’s haters 

3 subject lines that appeal to Singles and Valentine’s haters 

• Fed up with Valentine’s Day? This 20% discount will cheer you up. 

• Forget about Valentine’s Day and give yourself a treat. 

• Treat yourself and fulfill your heart’s desire. 

3 Treat-Yourself campaign ideas 

  1. Give away online coupons to “Brighten up your day”. Offer a 20% discount on selected lamps, for all those who are sick of Valentine’s Day. Thus, room brighteners also become "mood brighteners". From decorative table or decorative lights to stylish outdoor lights, everything is possible.

  2. Forget about Valentine’s Day and take care of yourself. Motivate singles and Valentine's haters to treat themselves to something good. Offer selected products at a "Treat-yourself" price. Or turn February 14 into a "Take-care-of-yourself-day" and give 15% off a purchase value of x Euro.

  3. Give yourself a treat, especially on Valentine’s Day! Spoil your subscribers (singles) with awesome treat-yourself products. Sports or leisure industry, there are so many possibilities. Snuggle down in your new hoodie. This tent is better than any love nest. 


A “buck-the-trend“ campaign on Valentine’s Day will also make Valentine’s haters and singles happy. At the same time, you increase your newsletter open rate as well as your sales.

Quickly start your Valentine’s campaign now and win the hearts of your subscribers and customers with a seductive newsletter campaign. 

Right this way for the CleverReach® newsletter module for your Shopware shop.

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