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Emerce100: Shopware awarded as the No. 1 open commerce platform

Emerce100: Shopware awarded as the No. 1 open commerce platform

The Emerce100, a special edition of the Dutch business magazine Emerce, publishes an annual overview of the best companies in the ebusiness sector. The providers are evaluated on the basis of their expertise, price, service quality, and reliability. The results are presented on a 7-point scale, which means that a maximum of 7 points can be achieved in each category. 

Shopware among the best providers in two categories 

Shopware is once again among the best providers in two categories in this year's Emerce100 list. In the category "Open source ecommerce software " we were awarded 5,5 out of a maximum of 7 possible points. This puts us in the top position here, as we’ve been for the past three years, and we were even able to improve our rating by 0.5 points compared to last year.

In the "Commercial ecommerce software" category, Shopware scored 5 out of a possible 7 points, placing us in the same top position as Shopify and now ahead of BigCommerce. We are very proud of our rating, which highlights our position as one of the leading ecommerce solutions.  

Open source ecommerce software ranking

emerce 2023 open commerce software EN

Commercial ecommerce software ranking

emerce 2023 commercial ecommerce software

Source: Emerce 

What is the Emerce100 list and what does the award mean? 

Emerce100 is a special annual edition of the Dutch trade magazine Emerce, a multimedia business magazine about digital marketing, media, and ebusiness. Based on an image survey conducted by the market research agency Motivaction, the Emerce100 evaluates the best ebusiness providers in terms of expertise, price, service quality, and reliability as rated by decision-makers in the online industry. The survey mainly covers agencies, media, and advertising, software, ventures as well as ebusiness services. 

As both the online sector and Emerce100 have grown strongly in recent years, the list now includes hundreds of companies. In the year 2024, a total of 950 companies were surveyed across 58 categories. The Emerce100 magazine released its 19th edition this year.  

Outstanding: we will continue to do our best! 

Recognitions like being featured in the Emerce100 list not only make us proud but also give us valuable feedback and the incentive to continue to do our best. 

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