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Future Commerce’s VISIONS 2022 and our take on it

Future Commerce’s VISIONS 2022 and our take on it

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One of the most anticipated pieces of thought leadership published annually, Future Commerce’s VISIONS report 2022, is out. Shopware co-contributed to this report with our unique take on open commerce. From our changing language because of chatbot interactions, to the worship of brands, VISIONS 2022 challenges us with new perspectives on the ecommerce landscape. 

In this post we examine one of the topics that resonates most with Shopware, and our vision of open commerce: the relentless homogenization of ecommerce.  

It's rare to come across an online store that feels unique anymore — it's all the same bland business-to-consumer experience that looks like it was designed by a rote template. What happened, and is this what we should expect for the future?  

It’s rare to come across an ecommerce webshop that feels unique 

The homogenization of ecommerce consumer experiences has resulted in a sea of sameness across the web. According to the results of the Future Commerce consumer survey, 64 percent of end users believe that finding an online shop with a unique combination of features is a rare phenomenon. A deeper analysis revealed that the more luxurious the design of a solution, the more it lost its intuitive functionality - i.e., the harder it was for customers to use and understand. 

Why is this? The evolution of the ecommerce segment is driven by marketers' quest for perfection, which is converging towards a completely homogeneous customer experience due to serial testing and similar solutions. The__ closed source SaaS__ era has store owners trading creative range of motion for ease of use: as a result, online shops end up with lookalike designs and thousands-of-a-kind experiences. Standing out means doing something bold, and bold isn’t always intuitive. 


But how to stand out from the crowd in the ecommerce world? 

Except in a few niche markets, there are almost certainly at least thousands of similar shops competing for the same customers. To stand out from this field, you need to adopt radically different solutions than before. 

Chasing industry best practices may lead to modest success but following the same path as everyone else will not lead you to the top. You need a VIP customer experience. Processes where the customer feels that they have been given special treatment, that they are not just one of many.    

However, it is important that you, as the online store operator, define this customer experience and not just rely on external and standardized solutions. If you leave the real interaction to solutions that everyone else uses in the same way as you, you will not only destroy your competitive advantage, but you will also burn out the customer — they will become immune to it.   

Use Shopware to become unique 

Shopware's fully customizable open commerce platform and over 5,000 available extensions give ecommerce businesses exactly the freedom they need to create a unique customer experience. The system incorporates 20 years of experience and provides as much flexibility as possible on the operator side. The modular, service-oriented architecture and focus on extendibility and automation ensure a unique customer experience that enables outstanding performance


And what else is the trends report VISIONS 2022 about?

The unique 100-page report VISIONS 2022 on consumer and cultural trends brings together the candid conversations of content creators, executives and artists around the future of commerce. Besides the homogenization of ecommerce, the themes of plurality of identity and the human need to "fit in" are addressed at the level of the consumer. 
In the category of culture, various topics are addressed, such as the distractibility of successful people or the celebration of insincerity, which shows the extent to which public conversation about issues is being displaced by the internet culture. In addition, people's desire to be part of “something big” as well as people's interaction with robots are examined in the category of modernity. Overall, the report shows in a variety of ways which topics and developments will shape the__ future of commerce__. 

Get the report 

The Future Commerce VISIONS 2022 report offers new perspectives on the ecommerce landscape and provides valuable insights into the future of commerce.  

Get the full report here

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