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Germany’s leading eCommerce platform, Shopware, brings their solution to the UK

Germany’s leading eCommerce platform, Shopware, brings their solution to the UK


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Germany’s leading eCommerce platform brings their solution to the UK market with newly appointed Deepak Anand, General Manager UK, to rapidly grow the UK business. Deepak joins the company with over a decade experience with retail technologies and was also a part of Magento before joining Shopware. 

According to Stefan Heyne - CEO of Shopware, the decision to focus on the UK is the first step in the company's European expansion: “The UK is the largest and most dynamic digital market in Europe and we are delighted to have Deepak Anand on board for our UK expansion.”

Deepak Anand explains why brands and retailers should be paying attention to eCommerce disruption in this competitive digital economy:


Ecommerce Platform Disruption - How do you view it?

I suspect half of you view disruption as an opportunity and half of you see it as a threat. Yet, love it or hate it, disruption is close on the horizon of today's business landscape for brands, and has the potential to both help and harm your company as you encounter it.

Shopware believes it is essential for brands and eCommerce entrepreneurs to understand the challenges of disruptive events like unwelcome platform migrations and devise strategies to use these events to their benefit.


In particular, is Shopware achieving a competitive edge or a cost advantage over competitors?

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): the cost to implement and maintain Shopware is the lowest of any other enterprise solution on the market. With Shopware you'll be able to do more with your eCommerce budget than with any other platform. Shopware's extensibility, flexibility and access to the source code allows retailers and brands to control its functionality and adapt the webstore to meet their requirements. 


Can the Shopware platform deliver a truly engaging customer experience throughout the entire shopping process?

Shopware is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers brands complete control over the functionality of their online channel. Shopware's SEO, catalog management and powerful marketing tools give retailers and brands the ability to create sites that provide an unrivaled shopping experience for their customers. Shopware's intuitive administration interface allows you to tailor your site to your unique business needs. It is completely scalable to your business size, and you can connect your enterprise solutions with Shopware using our REST APIs. Our success stories with over 54,000 customers show us that we’re on the right track on becoming the leading open source eCommerce platform in the world.  Also, you can count on full support and stability, as our platform is backed by a continuously growing support network of currently over 1,200 solution and technology partners.


Can your company trust a team that's supposed to 'do no harm'?

While Shopware is fairly new to the UK, I am not. I've been working with brands, retailers and partners in the UK for several years. And Shopware already has hundres of merchants in the UK, including brands like Discovery Channel, Euronics, L’Oréal and PerfectHome, to name a few. We have set up strong relationships with enterprise partners such as PushON, One Creations, CB Squared and Portaltech Reply, who are using Shopware as a core to their eCommerce offering. It's my task to leverage the Shopware team's experience, skills and capabilities on your behalf to provide you with the next generation open source eCommerce platform that you can trust to 'do no harm' and help drive the eCommerce revolution in these disruptive times.


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Tel: +44 (0) 203 095 2445


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