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Get even more out of the Black Friday peak with push notifications and increase your Christmas business!

Get even more out of the Black Friday peak with push notifications and increase your Christmas business!

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Whether it's Black Friday, Cyber Week or Singles' Day - retailers who can draw attention to their deals via their own media on the peak days and who succeed in retaining customers even beyond those days have a clear advantage.

This can be achieved excellently with push notifications, which should not be missing from any action plan for the bargain days. Push notifications are not only easy to create and can be sent free of charge, they also land directly on the recipients' screens. In this article, our technology partner etracker explains how you can use push notifications to get even more out of the Black Friday peak and increase your Christmas business.

Easy handling during integration and campaign creation is extremely important, because even the best ideas often fail due to a lack of time and resources.

This is how you proceed with the Signalize push tool from etracker:

1. Choose the appropriate free etracker extension for your version in the Shopware store. This extension optionally supports the etracker web analytics solution. The extension for version 6.x even automatically ensures that push messages are sent directly from your shop domain. It also ensures that all eCommerce activities of your recipients are tracked, so that segmented messages can be sent very easily according to certain product interests or messages can be triggered, e.g. in the case of abandoned shopping baskets.

2. Create a free account on signalize.com and enter your individual Signalize account key into the Shopware extension.

3. Configure the registration prompt to collect recipients. This can be kept quite generic in the run-up to the bargain days, as in this example:




On Black Friday itself, the invitation dialogue could be designed appropriately:



Or refer directly to the Advent offers that will start soon:  



4. Send push messages to your recipients. These can be created as easily as Whatsapp messages. The notifications can of course be created in scheduled in advance.

Both the opt-in and the reception of push messages work on desktops and smartphones and with all common browsers.

Recipients can be made aware of your Black Friday deals in the messages. Shops should send out regular news over the Christmas period. Gift vouchers could also be promoted in this way:



The offer of gift vouchers is also excellent content for automated trigger messages to non-buying visitors. However, an upgrade is required to use marketing automation with Signalize (see https://signalize.com/en/preise/).

According to the Signalize Push Benchmark Study 2021, 9.5 % of invitees agree to receive push messages via their own domain. With an average click-through rate of 3.4 %, merchants can easily calculate what they can generate in sales per message. The use of emojis increases the click rate by almost 50 % on average. The effect of targeted segmented messages is similar. Automated messages in case of push subscription, abandoned baskets or longer inactivity even achieve an average click rate of 8.5 %, i.e. an increase of over 150 % compared to manually sent news. However, push messages are not only about offers and increased conversions, but also about the long-term retention of customers far beyond the Christmas season. Push messages are perfect for content marketing to draw attention to inspiring content or explanatory videos and tips.

The foundation of successful push notifications is the size of the recipient base. Therefore, shops should start integrating and activating Signalize as soon as possible to take advantage of the Christmas boom for opt-in generation. This way, your Black Friday offers will land on your recipients' screens without any detours. In addition, you will ensure direct access to your customers in the long term, so that they will keep coming back to your shop even after the holidays.

Conclusion: Now is the best time to start with push messages and take advantage of the additional boost for the Christmas business.

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