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List your products for free on the Google Shopping tab

List your products for free on the Google Shopping tab

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Ecommerce is not only gaining more and more traction as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many local retailers and small businesses have made use of the opportunity and ventured into ecommerce. To achieve long-term success in doing so, it’s crucial to create visibility for your online shop and its products. Google is the ideal focal point for this purpose: according to Statista (german survey), this is where 76 percent of the online shoppers start searching for products. We’ll tell you how you can make use of this potential by listing your products for free on Google Shopping.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on free listings on Google Shopping

With free listings, you can show your products on the Google Shopping tab. Whether you’re already running paid ad campaigns on Google Shopping or not, listing your products here comes with many benefits.

What is the Google Shopping tab?

When users look for products via Google Search, they can switch to the Shopping tab. Here they can filter and compare products and be forwarded to the respective sellers. Imagine: your products can appear here for free, thus attracting the attention of numerous potential customers!

What’s in it for you?

  • You can reach millions of shoppers for free who use Google on a daily basis
  • This product placement doubles as free marketing and branding for your shop
  • Lead potential customers to your online shop for free
  • Increase your online shop traffic and sales
  • Have a closer look at the Google Merchant Center to see how many clicks your free product entries have generated

How can you make your products appear here?

As a retailer, you’ll need a Google Merchant Center account. Here you can sign up for free listings and synchronise your product feed. This is made even easier with Shopware’s Shopping Ads with Google integration. You can connect it to your Google Merchant Center account and simply transfer your products to Google Shopping from the Shopware administration panel. You can create dynamic product groups in Shopware and utilise them for the product feed.

Shopping Ads with Google for the Shopware Cloud

Shopware is now an official Google partner. Both companies are working together to support retailers in making their products visible to many potential customers as easily as possible. A crucial step in this process is the Shopping Ads with Google integration which is currently available to Shopware Cloud users. An integration for Shopware’s self-hosted editions is planned for summer 2021.

How does Shopping Ads with Google work and what can you do with it?

Shopware Cloud users can use Shopping Ads with Google as an additional sales channel and make use of convenient features directly from the Shopware administration panel.

Your possibilities with Shopping Ads with Google:

  • Connect your Google account to Shopware to be able to use Google programmes. You can then conveniently access your Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts from the administration panel.
  • Synchronise your products and offer them in the Google Shopping comparison portal to increase your sales and generate higher visibility. Utilise these free listings and, if desired, create ads to expand your reach even further.
  • Create campaigns using the Google Ads connection, check their performance, set time limits and budgets, and define which products you would like to advertise.
  • Use the Google Analytics connection to access insightful statistics.
  • Simply use Shopware’s administration panel to do it all – this will save you lots of time, so you can focus on your core business.

Tip: Combine free listings with ads

According to internal Google data, retailers who place free listings and ads double the amount of clicks they get and achieve 50 percent more visits on average. Small and medium-sized businesses record the highest increase. Shopping Ads are the perfect addition to your free product listings. Find out more about Shopping Ads with Google and how you can save money in the process.

Read our documentation or watch this video (german) to find out how to set up and use Shopping Ads with Google. You’ll also find out how to synchronise your product group for free listings on Google Shopping. 

Do you have any other questions about free listings? Have a look at our little FAQ section:

What do I need as a retailer to be able to use free listings in the Google Shopping tab?

Which criteria do the data in the product feed need to fulfil for free listings on Google?

What can I do as a retailer to optimise my product feed?

Are there any specific guidelines relating to free listings?

Where can I find out more about free listings?

Have a look at our press release for more information about free listings as well as the Shopping Ads with Google integration and to find out more about Google and Shopware’s partnership!

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