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Looking beyond the horizon at the SCD18

Looking beyond the horizon at the SCD18

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Every child has creative potential and the ability to come up with unconventional solutions. But as we get older, this potential dwindles more and more. Here at the Shopware Community Day 2018 we are looking at how each individual can counteract this tendency in order to retain their visionary power and tackle future challenges with courage and imagination.

This year's motto – "Beyond Horizon" – describes a special attitude with which we look at ourselves and at others. It illustrates our efforts to leave our own comfort zone, regularly lift our gaze above the everyday and be open to new things. This is the only way we can help shape tomorrow's eCommerce together with our community.

More than 2,000 retailers, partners, developers and eCommerce enthusiasts from all over Europe have accepted our invitation to join us in celebrating the biggest Shopware Community Day of all time.

Shopware 5.5 and new platform presented

In his eagerly anticipated keynote speech, Shopware founder Stefan Hamann presented the latest innovations to emerge from the Shopware universe, including the upcoming version 5.5. With the forthcoming release, all Shopware products – including those from external plugin manufacturers – will no longer be encoded with the encryption software IonCube. This update not only makes all Shopware products open source, but also leads to even more flexibility; in forgoing IonCube, Shopware will be compatible with the latest PHP version 7.2.

In supporting the community’s growth across borders, Shopware 5.5 will also contain several functions that make it easier for shop owners to more effectively market and sell their products internationally. These include improvements for creating country-specific tax rates and translation options within the backend.

While the community was pleased with the new Shopware version, the announcement of a new platform called “Shopware Playground” provoked an excited and curious reaction from the audience. The new platform offers considerable added value for retailers and developers who are eager to experiment with emerging technologies. As a part of Playground, Shopware also delivers a number of additional projects, such as augmented reality approaches, voice commerce and access to the new API, all of which can be tested by users and enriched with their ideas.


Top-class speakers broaden horizons

With the keynote officially kicking off the Shopware Community Day, visitors can now look forward to presentations from an array of international speakers on the main stage and four adjacent session stages, opening up new perspectives for the audience under various main themes. Top international speakers include Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist at Google, Stanford Professor, advisor to the UN and the German Football Association, who will provide interesting insights about innovation and Ben Hammersley, author, futurist, consultant and inventor of the term "podcast", who will shed light on current trends and look into the future of digitalisation.

The Shopware Community Day 2018 in brief:

Location: Landschaftspark / Duisburg-Nord Germany
Key figures: Over 2,000 retailers, agencies and developers, 50 exhibitors, 40 speakers
Main theme: "Beyond Horizon"
Keynote topics: New Shopware version 5.5 and new platform Shopware Playground
Speakers: Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt, Ben Hammersley, Peter Wippermann and many more.

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