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Increase your customers’ trust and conversions with the new Trusted Shops extension

Increase your customers’ trust and conversions with the new Trusted Shops extension

Trusted Shops launches new free extensions for Shopware 5 and 6. In this article, our partner explains how you can benefit from them.

The new Trusted Shops extensions for Shopware 5 and 6 are also available for use in the cloud version. With these extensions, not only does Europe’s No. 1 trust brand ensure that your booked Trusted Shops products can be added to your online store in just a few minutes, Trusted Shops also expanded upon the existing service to include exciting new features. Examples include a more flexible Trustbadge® integration and modern widgets.

Build trust in only 5 minutes!

For over 20 years, Trusted Shops has stood for transparency and security in the world of ecommerce. Three main products, in particular, have contributed to this vision:

  • The renowned Trusted Shops Trustmark, with which the Cologne-based company awards online stores that meet a defined set of quality criteria.

  • Buyer Protection, which allows consumers to have their purchases – from online stores awarded with the Trustmark – safeguarded against financial loss.

  • Customer reviews, which are based on real orders and, due to their authenticity, have significant influence on building consumer trust and impacting buying decisions.

More than 30 million consumers across Europe trust these products and incorporate them into their purchasing decisions. This makes Trusted Shops a valuable tool for over 30,000 online stores to increase traffic, boost sales and improve conversion rates.

Trusted Shops headquarter of trust

So that you can also simply and swiftly convince your customers of your products’ trustworthiness, Trusted Shops has had free extensions for Shopware 5 and 6 on offer for some time now. These extensions will ensure the reliable integration of your booked products into your shop, without any programming knowledge and according to your individual preferences.

With the new extensions, the service available to Shopware retailers has been further expanded and improved upon:

  • The extensions are now also compatible with the Shopware 6 Cloud.

  • New exciting features – such as a more flexible Trustbadge placement and modern widgets – provide even more individually-determined configuration options.

  • Thanks to a new technical foundation, you will benefit from new future developments without any effort or delay.

The standard features will, naturally, remain unchanged.

Do you already use a Trusted Shops extension? Then, please note that Trusted Shops will discontinue technical support for the previous extensions on 30 March, 2023. Therefore, make sure to schedule your switch to the new extension in good time. The links at the end of this article will provide you with all the information you need to switch to the new extension.

Trusted Shops Trustmark

Flexibly place the Trustbadge in your online store

With the Trustbadge, not only do you display the Trusted Shops Trustmark in your online store, but you also prominently display your collected reviews. Additionally, the Trustbadge establishes the technical connection between your online store and Trusted Shops so that you can send out automated review invites to your customers. Thus, the small widget is both the technical basis for and a prominent symbol of your trustworthiness.

The integration of the Trustbadge is, therefore, the first step on your way to greater customer trust. For this reason, the existing extensions already support you in this crucial step.

In order to reach as many indecisive customers as possible, and to encourage them to make a purchase, the Trustbadge should be optimally placed in your online store. However, the right placement for the Trustbadge is a completely individual decision that can only be made by you. As a result, the new extensions offer you flexibility in the placement of the Trustbadge in your online store.

  • Define the placement of the Trustbadge for desktop and mobile view separately.

  • For both displays, determine whether the Trustbadge should be positioned on the left or right side of the screen.

  • Move the Trustbadge upwards by specifying individual pixels.

With the help of the extension’s intuitive design, you can place the Trustbadge wherever you prefer, with just a few clicks and without having to adapt the programming code.

You aren’t deterred by a few lines of code? Then, simply use the extension to open the Trustbadge’s programming code and tailor the Trustbadge display to meet your individual needs further.

Trusted Shops mobile eye catcher

Collect authentic customer reviews

As soon as the Trusted Shops extension is installed and set up, you can automatically collect service and product reviews. To do so, customers who have made a purchase in your online store and would like to share their experiences are sent a review invite by email, through which they can submit a review.

To collect as many reviews as possible, it is important to set up the right timing for the automated review invites. The extension will also support you in this respect: simply coordinate the review invite’s sending time with the expected delivery date of the products you have stored in Shopware. By doing so, you make sure that the review invites only reach your customers once they have received their orders and are able to form opinions on them.

Share your excellent reviews and inspire more trust

To build lasting trust, it is not enough to only collect reviews. You should prominently display your collected reviews in your online store to convince visitors of your exemplary service and top products.

Trusted Shops Widgets

With the Trusted Shops extension, you can benefit from a number of modern widgets that allow you to present your collected reviews in an eye-catching and promotional fashion. In just a few minutes, integrate your widgets of choice into your overview pages, product pages, checkout, or any other part of your online store and experience a boost in conversions first-hand.

Get your Trusted Shops extension now

Trusted Shops is working at full speed to continually develop new extensions and expand upon their features. Download your Trusted Shops extension now and benefit from all new developments in no time.

All the information you need to install and set up your extension can be found in the Trusted Shops Help Centre.

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