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Optimize your picking process in Shopware 6!

Optimize your picking process in Shopware 6!

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Manual handling, picking lists on paper, and a lack of optimization – the picking process in particular involves numerous steps that can unnecessarily drag out your workflow. In order to work more efficiently, you should digitize your processes and find out which adjustments you can make to automate them. In this blog post, we explain to you how to optimize your picking process with Pickware WMS and Pickware ERP.  

Picking, packing, tracking – shipping easier than ever before 

An ERP with a connected WMS solution offers you not only the possibility to manage your stocks in the administration, but also to keep track of your processes in the warehouse and shipping. The additional use of mobile barcode scanners in the warehouse enables you to handle your processes flexibly and digitally. This also simplifies your picking process, as orders can be processed in four simple steps using mobile scanners.

Step 1: Select order__ __

The overview on your scanner lists all current orders at a glance. By sorting them by relevance, you can identify time-critical orders and prioritize which orders to pick first. This step makes it easier for you to process orders via marketplaces, certain shipping service providers or express delivery. 


Step 2: Picking__ __

The digital picking lists in Pickware WMS make it easier for you to pick your orders and help you save valuable time. The barcode scan ensures that the correct product is picked for the order. If the wrong product is scanned, you will be notified and thus avoid picking or packing errors. With the automatic suggestions for route optimization, you always find the shortest path to the products that need to be picked. The sorting of items according to storage locations, combined with route optimization, saves a lot of time, especially for large or chaotic warehouses. It is also a great benefit for the fast training of new warehouse employees. 


Step 3: Packing__ __

As soon as you have picked your order, you can automatically create and print all important documents. This saves you time that would otherwise be needed for printing and manual reconciliation of order documents. With Pickware WMS, you not only benefit from the automatic creation of shipping labels, but also delivery bills and invoices can be printed with just a few clicks and then added to your finished package. 

Step 4: Complete the order__  __ 

To get the order on its way, use a mobile scanner to scan the shipping label. This way you automatically inform your customers about the status of their order. They will receive a notification by mail including shipping confirmation and a tracking link to track their order live.

Through the simple integration of Pickware ERP and WMS in Shopware, you work with data that is synchronized in real time across all channels. This makes it easier to work simultaneously with multiple warehouse employees in the same system when picking multiple orders at once. In the first version, Pickware WMS for Shopware 6 supports you primarily in the picking process. In future releases, other warehouse processes such as inventory, goods receipt, and much more will be supported.

How to book Pickware WMS for your store 

To be able to use Pickware WMS, you also need Pickware ERP Starter. You can find it in the Shopware Store. Pickware WMS is available directly through Pickware. Tips on installation and optimal use can be found in the Pickware Helpcenter.

These costs await you:

Regular price: Pickware ERP Starter 99,00 € monthly 

Regular price: Pickware WMS 199,00 € monthly (per license) 

Introductory discount until 01.01.2023: Pickware WMS 149,00 € monthly (per license) 

These advantages await you: 

  • Regular updates with new features
  • Support by e-mail and phone included
  • Direct integration in Shopware 
  • No connectors or synchronization processes 

Free trial period: Try Pickware WMS in your store for 30 days! 

Like all Pickware extensions, you can test Pickware WMS in your store for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Click here to start your free trial period

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