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Our new Meteor Component Library

Our new Meteor Component Library

Today we want to announce the release of our new Meteor component library. It goes hand in hand with the Meteor design system and brings brand new Shopware 6 admin components to your projects. 

We asked you what components you need the most in your projects. That's why we came up with the following components for the first release:

Components of the first Meteor Component Library release

  • Textfield
  • Number field
  • Checkbox
  • Textarea
  • Switch field
  • Colorpicker
  • Datepicker
  • Email field
  • Password field
  • Url field
  • Select
  • Card
  • External link
  • Loading spinner
  • Progress bar
  • Banner
  • Help text
  • Icon
  • Tabs
  • Button

As you can see, the initial release contains more than just essentials. Further iterations will follow. We are currently working on an entirely new grid component and investigating a new WYSIWYG Editor. With these components, you can build all your UI's and have them look exactly like the Shopware administration UI.

We built the component library with Storybook. Storybook is a proven tool for building component libraries and documenting these. The components are tested and developed directly in Storybook. Additionally, the Storybook controls allow you to test the features and find the ones you need in your browser. 

Our goal is to step-by-step replace the current components in the administration with the new ones from the Meteor Component Library, which would make the existing component library obsolete. But we know that this will take some time.

Feedback is always welcome

We hope you have fun using the components in your projects, and as always, we are eager for your feedback. Is something wrong, or did one of those unwanted features make it into the release? Just drop us a line.

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