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PayPal launches new product

PayPal launches new product

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PayPal is launching its new product, "PayPal Checkout “.  Shopware customers can already migrate to the new product today and benefit from the advantages. 

PayPal is known for offering companies of all kinds and sizes the right payment processing services, including risk management. From online payments to contactless on-site payments, a lot is possible with PayPal, and with PayPal Checkout, the possibilities are even more diverse. In many markets, PayPal is one of the most popular payment providers and already connects over 400 million customers and merchants from more than 200 markets worldwide. 

PayPal Checkout is their new one-stop solution. It offers more payment methods, greater flexibility, and optimized user-friendliness compared to PayPal PLUS. All with the same state-of-the-art technology. 

The advantages of PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout impresses with many advantages that make the use of the all-in-one solution extremely attractive for merchants. 

1. More payment methods and flexible payment options

In addition to payment via PayPal, direct debit, credit and debit card, invoice after 30 days, and payment by instalments, PayPal now offers more than ten additional local payment methods. This makes your online shop more appealing to your customers, and best of all: with many payment methods no PayPal account is required on the customers' part!__ __At the launch of PayPal Checkout, the following regional payment methods are available with Shopware 6: 


2. A complete package

With PayPal Checkout, you simplify your business. You only need to use one integration, have one account for all your transactions, one platform, and therefore only one contractual partner. You find everything in one place that is also user-friendly for your customers. You are also benefiting from the company's name recognition and reputation. 

3. Latest technology and easy integration

With PayPal Checkout, you use the latest technology and always stay up-to-date. You can adapt the versatile functionalities precisely to your needs in just a few steps. It is beneficial to integrate PayPal Checkout quickly into your business. You also have the option of using dynamic banners to inform your customers of the simple payment method "pay later" on product pages, for example. You can also integrate " pay later" buttons directly on product pages. 

4. Seller and buyer protection

Among other things, PayPal keeps the conversion rate high by making customers feel safe, as PayPal offers buyer protection to your customers. As a merchant, you also benefit from PayPal seller protection.

That's why it's essential to upgrade to PayPal Checkout 

The development of the product is based on the latest technologies and offers you a secure and future-proof use. The good thing is that your costs for using PayPal won't change. As a Shopware customer, you can migrate now and offer your customers more payment options starting today. 

How merchants can upgrade to PayPal Checkout 

We make it as easy as possible for you to move to PayPal Checkout! For all our products, we've created easy-to-use and intuitive click guides. These allow you to easily and quickly migrate to the new product from PayPal. Simply select the operating mode of your Shopware business below and follow the illustrated instructions in the respective guide.


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