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How PhiAcademy launched their Shopware 6 online store in 3.5 month

How PhiAcademy launched their Shopware 6 online store in 3.5 month

Discover the success story of PhiAcademy, renowned cosmetics company from Austria and one of the international market leaders in B2B ecommerce with beauty products! The company took the leap from Magento 2 to Shopware 6 and is now sharing its experiences and insights – for example, regarding the migration, Shopware 6, and collaboration with an agency. Learn specifically how PhiAcademy tackled its B2B challenges and accelerated its development using the Shopware PaaS solution.

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Interview participants

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What it's about: The interview with PhiAcademy and Vanilla Reply summarized

The following summary is not a verbatim transcription of the interview but has been summarized for better readability.

Why choose Shopware? The switch from Magento 2

PhiAcademy and Vanilla Reply reveal why they pioneered the use of Shopware as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). Shopware's technical facets, features, and the strong partnership between Vanilla Reply and Shopware were convincing. Paul Stuefer from PhiAcademy also emphasized how Shopware's Content Management allowed them to have more in-house control.

The migration and the learnings

Paul Stuefer (PhiAcademy) and Sven Bange (Vanilla Reply) share their exciting experiences with migration. They stress the importance of preliminary considerations and provide valuable insights into the challenges and successes of data migration.

What were the biggest challenges in migration?

For Paul, the decision for the ecommerce platform was the biggest challenge. The Content Management System and cloud-based infrastructure became key factors, leading to the choice of Shopware and the PaaS pilot project.

Passion and honesty convinced in agency selection

PhiAcademy chose Vanilla Reply from ten agencies. Trust, honesty, and teamwork played a significant role.

3.5 months to go live: A race against time

Sven describes how the close partnership and shared spirit with PhiAcademy made the impossible possible.

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How did the integration process go? 26 features in four months

Paul takes us on the fast-paced journey of integrating 26 features in four months, including the development of a certification process function and the use of the PaaS solution for rapid development.

PhiAcademy and the importance of social media strategy

Paul emphasizes the strong community on social media and the use of Shopware plugins for product feeds and automation. He also introduces various tools used and discusses the content strategy.

What are the next steps?

The exciting journey continues: In the future, PhiAcademy wants to expand a marketplace that equips resellers with comprehensive opportunities.

Learnings and closing thoughts

Paul Stuefer and Sven Bange conclude with inspiring thoughts, emphasize the importance of teamwork, and share valuable learnings that can inspire others on their journey.

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