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ratenkauf by easyCredit is now called easyCredit-Ratenkauf

ratenkauf by easyCredit is now called easyCredit-Ratenkauf

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Ratenkauf by easyCredit has been supporting merchants since 2016 and offering them installment purchase options ever since. Ratenkauf by easyCredit became easyCredit-Ratenkauf at the end of September 2022.

Modern, fresh, and agile - that's what the new brand identity stands for. The name brings easyCredit-Ratenkauf closer to the mother brand easyCredit, which is already familiar to customers. This strengthens the already existing trust in TeamBank AG's installment purchase option. At the same time, easyCredit-Ratenkauf benefits from the reach of its mother brand. For merchants, this means that easyCredit-Ratenkauf receives even more attention. Combined with the existing trust,__ easyCredit-Ratenkauf__ can support merchants in increasing shopping cart values and boosting the conversion rate.

Trust through proximity

Customers value TeamBank's installment purchase solution as simple and transparent. Over the past six years, the payment procedure has gained customers' trust thanks to its proximity to the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network and its ease of use. Now, as easyCredit-Ratenkauf, the financing option continues to stand for tradition, security, and trust, combined with a modern payment procedure that focuses on customers’ needs. For example, by giving top priority to the security of customer data. 


"easyCredit-Ratenkauf: The easiest installment purchase in Germany. Your chance for more sales - online and at the point of sale."
-  Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network

New name, familiar service

So does the new name and design mean that everything is new? No - merchants and customers will continue to receive the same service they are used to. Installment purchases remain transparent, simple, and secure for both sides. Like in the past, customers will receive a confirmation in seconds if they want to purchase in installments. As usual, installments can be flexibly selected for purchases between 200 and 10,000 euros. The customer is free to decide on the term: Should the purchase be paid for in just two installments? Or over a longer period of up to 60 months? This means they can still tailor the installment purchase entirely to their individual needs.

Nothing changes for merchants in handling the installment purchase solution as well. They can continue to implement easyCredit-Ratenkauf in just a few steps. All that is usually required is integrating a suitable extension into the existing store system, and a short test before the payment option is available to customers. If integration is not (yet) possible via an extension, the customer service team will help merchants with implementation.

To ensure that installment purchases are available to your customers wherever they expect and need them easyCredit-Ratenkauf can be integrated into online stores, stationary retail outlets, and direct sales. Customers can also use the__ installment purchase option__ for modern services such as click & collect or point-of-sale ordering. This ensures that easyCredit-Ratenkauf isn't only flexible in terms of installments but can also be used at any time - whether online, offline, or in cross-channel commerce.

Flexibility in payment meets the needs of your customers - a wide range of payment options is expected 

Financing solutions such as installment purchases give your customers more financial flexibility. Especially in uncertain economic times, this is a particular advantage because you can purchase even high-priced items with the knowledge that you can adjust the payments according to your needs. Therefore, an installment purchase like easyCredit-Ratenkauf can also be seen as a service that benefits you as a merchant. Last but not least, a wide range of payment options is becoming a natural part of shopping for more and more customers, as confirmed by the study "SHOPPING 2020 - Developments in Consumer Behavior and the Relevance of Installment Purchasing" by IFH KÖLN and TeamBank AG.

Merchants who want to build a sustainable customer relationship should therefore provide a selection of different payment options. This is also crucial in sales because, according to the IFH study, 57 % of customers switch to another store if the desired payment method is unavailable. By offering a wide range of payment options, you, as a merchant, can respond to your customers' needs and increase your sales. Installment purchases are among the three most popular payment methods, especially for high online shopping baskets over EUR 500. 


High-reach B2C campaign for easyCredit-Ratenkauf since the end of September

Installment purchases such as the easyCredit-Ratenkauf (previously Ratenkauf by easyCredit) are very popular. And they are an important component in the payment mix for meeting customers' shopping needs. To ensure that easyCredit-Ratenkauf becomes firmly established among customers as the new face of TeamBank AG's well-known installment purchase option, TeamBank AG has been beating the advertising drum in a major__ B2C campaign__ since September 30, 2022. The easyCredit-Ratenkauf is featured alongside easyCredit in TV and online advertising. And the campaign will include snapshot-like glimpses taken from the lives of end customers to create even stronger identification with easyCredit-Ratenkauf as a relaxed and flexible financing solution. As a merchant, you benefit from additional attention for the easyCredit installment purchase and can also use the B2C campaign as a hook for your customer communication.

Learn more about easyCredit-Ratenkauf

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