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Recap: Get ready for round two of the Shopware App Contest!

Recap: Get ready for round two of the Shopware App Contest!

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Last year, the Shopware App Contest took place for the first time. We called on the Shopware community to develop their own apps. The best apps were awarded various prizes. Due to the great success, we are repeating the App Contest this year. Find out more about the past and future App Contest here!

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Recap: the Shopware App Contest 2021

In July 2021, we launched the App Contest. Within three months, developers could submit their app proposals. These were thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by a jury until the winners were announced in November.

The jury was made up of three experienced ecommerce and IT specialists:
  • Stefan Hamann, Shopware Co-CEO
  • Christoph Hertz, CEO of the visunext Group
  • Susanne Steinwart, Partnerships DACH, PayPal Deutschland GmbH

These are the winners of the last App Contest

In total, around 100 developer teams took part. It was not so easy to choose the three best. In the end, however, the following participants were chosen ...

1st place – PremSoft with the app "One Page Checkout"

What's it about?

The winning app enables checkout directly on the current store page. All order-relevant information is visible at a glance, thus enabling a faster purchase. This valuable extension therefore not only favors increased conversions but also ensures greater clarity. In addition, it is mobile-optimized – which, as we all know, is more important than ever in our modern world.

You can learn more about the One Page Checkout App in the Shopware Store. In addition, our winner will shortly give you an insight into the development of the app.

What has happened since then?

In addition to a marketing package, the prize included a winner's bonus of €25,000. Since the release of the app on 07/08/2021, 19 downloads and two purchases as rental versions have been recorded. Unfortunately, no reviews have been submitted yet.

2nd place - FireBear with the app "Improved import, export and bulk actions".

What's it about?

The second-place app allows you to update numerous products in just a single file. Exporting numerous files one by one? No thanks. Instead, the app lets you adjust any product properties in a single Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly update price and quantity, eliminating the need for many a PIM subscription.

Feel free to check out the Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions app in the Shopware Store for more details on how it works.

What has happened since then?

FireBear won €10,000 and a marketing package in the app contest. Since its release on 11/04/2021, we've seen a whopping 142 downloads and 19 rental purchases via the Shopware Store. In addition, very good ratings were given: An average of four out of a possible five stars.

Want to learn more about this helpful bulk processing tool? Then register now for the FireBear webinar on 04/13/2022 at 11 am.

3rd place - Henrik Gurtmann with his app "Notifications to customers via SMS"

What's it about?

With the third-place app, merchants can inform their customers about news via SMS, for example, send them an order confirmation or shipping notification. This is particularly practical because notifications by mail are quickly lost and overlooked in the abundantly filled email inbox. SMS, on the other hand, have a much higher read rate and can therefore reach customers in an attention-grabbing way and in real-time. The notification texts can be formulated individually and use placeholders to dynamically insert the name of the customer, order numbers, and other variables.

You can also find the app Notifications to customers via SMS in the Shopware Store.

What has happened since then?

The prize money included €5,000 and a marketing package. Since the app first appeared in the Shopware Store on 08/04/2021, it has generated 7 downloads and 1 purchase for rent. Unfortunately, no reviews have been submitted yet.

The Warp Award honored the fastest developer

The Warp Award was chosen even before the three regular winning apps were decided because this one was supposed to go to the fastest app developer.

What's it about?

Alexander Barton from Shop Studio won this one with the app Back in stock notification. Customers can use the extension to be notified as soon as their out-of-stock desired product is available again. Online shoppers can also activate this feature for multiple products. When one of the desired products is available again, the customer receives an email including a link, enabling them to secure the product quickly and easily. Merchants can thus effectively increase their sales.

What has happened since then?

Since the go-live of the app in the Shopware Store on 08/11/2021, it has been downloaded almost 250 times. However, the app was also initially available for free. Nevertheless, we were able to record 49 complete purchases and 10 rental purchases. In addition, the app currently has consistently positive reviews: five stars were awarded eight times!

In addition to a prize of €10,000, Alexander was able to enjoy an appearance at Shopware Community Day 2021. There he presented his app on the Tech Stage and shared his project experiences with numerous spectators. You can watch the presentation on Shopware TV or read about his experiences with the development for Shopware cloud on the Shopware Blog:


The community will learn even more about the winning apps

Some services from the winning marketing packages are currently still being implemented. We will therefore publish more information about the winners and their apps in individual blog posts and other media formats. So the community can look forward with excitement.

Have the winning apps inspired you to take part in the contest yourself? Then be sure to read on and learn more about this year's contest!

The Shopware App Contest 2022

The motto of this year's app contest is: Let there be Apps – bring new life into the Shopware universe. And that's exactly what we want to achieve with the dedicated Shopware community. The past app contest showed how quickly and easily innovative and handy extensions can be created. Let's keep the Shopware ecosystem growing and benefit from more solutions together. We would like to thank all interested parties and participants already now!

When does it start?

The Shopware App Contest will start as early as next week! On our channels, you will find out everything about this year's prizes, the jury, and the conditions of participation. We are really looking forward to it. Are you too? Until then, you can learn more about app development here:

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