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Ecommerce Replatforming Guide 2024 [free white paper]

Ecommerce Replatforming Guide 2024 [free white paper]

The ecommerce landscape is ever-changing, demanding businesses to adapt swiftly. There is no need for a glimpse into the future to understand that technologies barely out of their infancy a few years back are now at the forefront, changing the way customers shop today compared to a decade ago. Given this ever-evolving landscape, it is crucial to opt for a future-proof ecommerce platform. Relying on outdated systems or processes means missing out on a future-ready business. In our Replatforming Guide 2024, we delve into when and why switching your current ecommerce solution can be worthwhile, highlighting the advantages it brings. Discover exciting insights and trends and learn how Shopware can support you through a successful migration. Prepare your business for a thriving future!

Why a platform-switch is a game-changer

Consider this: A few years back, your smartphone was cutting-edge. Fast forward to today, and essential apps are disappearing, security updates are rare, and your expectations from a device have evolved – making an upgrade inevitable. 

"Our industry does not respect tradition. It only respects innovation." - Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft 

🎯 The challenges

Rising customer expectations, emerging technologies, and stringent cyber security demands pose significant challenges for online retailers.  Systems that fail to scale efficiently or adapt to changing needs quickly fall behind, leading to lost revenue and a declining customer base. With the growing relevance on cyber security and data protection, outdated security features or the absence of updates signal a pressing need for change. When security vulnerabilities in your existing shop system can't be easily addressed, it is a clear signal for action. And let us not to overlook the rising costs for maintenance and licenses, which do not justify the retailers' high effort to run the business. If these challenges resonate, it is time for action. 

💪 The solution

A platform-switch not only keeps you abreast of technological advancements but also secures the future scalability and growth of your online business. A replatforming is the key to overcoming the outlined obstacles. Taking the leap to a new platform is significant. Our Replatforming Guide 2024 equips you with everything needed to ace a platform migration.

The Replatforming Guide 2024

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive guide to evaluating, planning, and executing a seamless shop system transition 

  • Detailed insights into the top 5 reasons for replatforming. 

  • Self-check to determine if you need a replatforming. 

  • Detailed, step-by-step guide to navigating your migration journey.

  • Three-step plan for successful implementation from our partner Netformic.

  • 6 steps for seamless migration from our partner 426.

  • Cheat sheet highlighting the top 5 benefits of migrating to Shopware. 

  • Deep dive explanations of all 5 benefits. 

  • Exclusive insights into a successful use case. 

Sneak Preview: Benefits of migrating to Shopware

  • Marketing and process automation with the Flow and Rule Builder. 

  • Focus on ecommerce trends such as Spatial Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Sales Rooms. 

  • Comprehensive support throughout the replatforming process. 


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