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Shopware 5.6 is out now - these are the new features

Shopware 5.6 is out now - these are the new features

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At this year's Shopware Community Day, our latest eCommerce solution - Shopware 6 - was presented for the first time. However, the release in July is not meant to put Shopware 5 in the shade. We love Shopware 5 and want to give every retailer the flexibility to determine the best time to migrate to Shopware 6.

What’s new with Shopware 5.6

Following the release of Shopware 6, Shopware 5.6 is out now. For this next major release, we want to share which technical innovations and features you can look forward to as a shop owner, what will change with Shopware 5.6 and which milestones will pave the way to Shopware 6.


Key Features

User administration

Up until Shopware 5.6, if you wanted to assign certain roles to a user, you often had to know about various dependencies. The system now recognises these automatically. In the course of this, you can define user roles much more easily and grant them all necessary authorisations in just a few steps.

Content types

Content & commerce has never been more important than now; in the process of selling your products, content takes on the role of inspiration and aspiration. The new module in the administration allows you to easily define various content types in your shop, whether recipe, blog post, shop page, and more. These will then be offered as a separate backend menu. From there, you can maintain the content and determine whether it should be displayed in your storefront.


Shopping Worlds

Here you can look forward to a few major improvements. First, you can freely determine whether a Shopping World should only be displayed on the start page or also on the subsequent pages of the listing. Second, you can now deactivate the automatic reloading of Shopping Worlds. This gives your customers more instantaneous visual feedback and thus the feeling of better performance. Lastly, as of Shopware 5.6 it will be possible to have Shopping Worlds delivered directly with the source code.

Email management

With this new backend module you have a clear overview of all emails sent from your shop. From payment and order status updates to document emails – everything is contained within one place.

Shopping cart

We took your feedback to heart. With the new version, besides the possibility for the user to save the shopping cart and restore it after logging in, the shopping cart can also be saved in case of a language change.

Individual sorting

With this new backend module, you can manually sort the products within a category using drag & drop.



Technical innovations

HTTP/2 server push

With the push integration, resources such as CSS and JavaScript can be delivered directly with the initial request. This way your page will be displayed even faster to the customer in the browser.

HTML minification

We have removed unnecessary components from the source code. This accelerates delivery and reduces cache size at the same time.

Ace code editor

When entering code in the backend of Shopware 5.6, you benefit from the Ace editor, which support auto-completion of Smarty variables. This allows you to create custom email templates more easily and makes product exports less complex.


SVG support

You can now use vector graphics in the standard SVG format in every area of the shop. Since they adapt smoothly to any screen size, fuzzy logos and graphics are a thing of the past.


Technological updates

To be prepared for the future, we have adapted Shopware 5.6 to the latest technological standards. However, this also means “out with the old, in with the new” - outdated technologies are no longer supported. In concrete terms, this applies to:


Shopware 5.6 uses the latest version of PHP: 7.3, so versions 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 are no longer supported. The version 7.2 can be used.


The minimum requirement for Shopware 5.6 is MySQL version 5.7. Before switching to the new Shopware version, check which version of MySQL you are using and perform an update if necessary.


With Shopware 5.6 you can use the new Elasticsearch 7. By the way: Elasticsearch 2 can no longer be used because Elastic itself no longer supports this version.

Shopware 5.6 brings numerous innovations and necessary leaps in technology. Our roadmap shows this: Several Shopware 5 milestones have already been set for the Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, including Elasticsearch optimisations and a Symfony 4 LTS update.


Shopware 5 and the 5-year plan

Shopware 6 is in the starting blocks. However, over the next five years we will provide long-term support for Shopware 5 and all Premium Plugins; support which encompasses releases and security updates. Moreover, Shopware 5 will continue to meet current requirements, whether legal regulations or technical updates.

Until when can you expect releases?

  • July 2021: Regular releases with new features
  • July 2023: Bugfix releases
  • July 2024: Security releases

Next to the regular maintenance and improvements, we will continue to react to feedback from the community and incorporate new features into the product.

These community wishes have already been scheduled into the preliminary roadmap:

  • Usability and backend optimisations
  • TinyMCE Editor update
  • SEO/router module
  • Core integration for Bundles (Premium Plugin)
  • Simplified process for creating backend orders

Shopware 6: Are you staying or migrating?

The 5-year plan also means that you have 5 years to prepare to migrate to Shopware 6. We take great care to be sure that Shopware retailers have several options for switching from Shopware 5 to 6.

After all, Shopware 6 is a completely new technology. In line with the promising headless commerce approach, the frontend and backend are separate from one another. With powerful interfaces, the core is open to every conceivable channel. This enables retailers to react quickly to market changes and grow indefinitely.

For simple migration paths, we have developed a Migration Assistant that will take you step-by-step through the process of switching to Shopware 6. In preparation for going live with your Shopware 6 shop, you can synchronise the data between Shopware 5 and 6 – and can automate this data comparison over a long period of time.

Do you want to try out the many features of Shopware 6 as quickly as possible, or are you just getting a little closer to the new features in Shopware 5.6? Whatever you decide - we are here for you!

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