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Shopware 6.1 is here!

Shopware 6.1 is here!

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Now that the Developer Preview and two Early Access releases have taken place, it’s finally time: Shopware 6.1 is now available for download.

What has happened since the Community Day 2019?

Since Shopware 6 was presented at the keynote of the Shopware Community Day, we have collected a great deal of feedback from both the Developer Preview and Early Access phase and immediately used it for developing and defining the roadmap.


More than 3,000 installations since July

We are delighted that Shopware 6 has not only been downloaded over 3,000 times since July, but that we were also able to help various Shopware 6 projects early on during the implementation. In addition to complex enterprise projects such as SIX, start-ups such as Clew went live with Shopware 6 and even made it on to popular shows like Höhle der Löwen (German version of "Dragons' Den").

You can learn more about the first Shopware 6 projects in our case studies.


This is what Shopware 6.1 offers online retailers

Shopware 6 is our answer to an increasingly complex world where connectivity and technology are rapidly gaining in importance. This makes it all the more important to put emphasis on people at the core of this development. With Shopware 6.1, retailers benefit from the following added values:

Greater flexibility

  • Unlimited freedom thanks to the API-first approach.
  • Whether it’s an online shop, POS, a social media platform or marketplace – you can manage every Sales Channel centrally using Shopware 6.
  • Flexibly adjust the software to your individual business model using the Rule Builder.
  • Despite an integrated storefront, Shopware 6 can be applied in a so-called headless way.
  • The Shopware 6 ecosystem is growing rapidly and delivers powerful plugins that can be used to map individual requirements.

Less complexity

  • New administration with clear interface, intuitive navigation, outstanding user experience, and consistent design.
  • Version 6.1 relies on technological standards, making it even easier to get started working with Shopware.
  • The__ Shopping Experiences__ feature and various CMS functions make it possible for customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device.
  • The First Run Wizard guides you through the initial setup and configuration of your shop.
  • No hurdles when __internationalising __thanks to country-specific configuration options.

One technology


You can learn more about the various features offered by Shopware 6 here.

Tip: Renting Shopware 6

As of this point forward, Shopware 6 is also available for rent. The carefree package can be cancelled on a monthly basis. In addition to the licence fee, it includes manufacturer support provided by Shopware!

Find out more here._


Your individual path to Shopware 6

Information about the migration process

Shopware 6 has a completely new technological foundation that meets the needs of a highly dynamic and interlinked corporate world. Are you already a Shopware 5 customer and would like to benefit from the new possibilities that Shopware 6 has to offer? Or are you a Magento 1 customer looking for a reliable alternative for the future of your shop?

Fortunately, we offer straightforward migration paths for various project requirement – you can find further information here.

Shopware 6 knowledge



We have already recorded several webinars about Shopware 6, which you can revisit at any time. You can find an overview of our recorded webinars here.


We regularly publish current information surrounding Shopware 6 our blog. We also have a dedicated Developer Blog, which contains posts that go into more technical detail.

Shopware on YouTube

We also provide current Shopware 6 knowledge on YouTube on a regular basis. Watch short tutorials to find out everything about the administration, the Shopware account or product management in Shopware 6 from our team.

Free online trainings

Shopware 6 User Onboarding:

Get comprehensive insights into Shopware 6. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to work with our trendsetting software and how it can help you create a unique shopping experience.

Shopware 6 Template Training (EN):

Find out how the software is set up, how you can navigate the Shopware 6 file system and how you can create and configure your own theme. At the end of the training, you’ll have everything you need to develop your own theme to sell in the Community Store or use for your own project.

Shopware 6 Developer Training (EN):

The Shopware 6 developer training will teach you the structure and technology behind Shopware 6 – from setting up a development environment, working with the plugin structure to creating templates and making use of events.

Shopware user documentation

Our documentation takes Shopware 6 users by the hand and offers assistance with the first steps and configuration of the software. Tutorials and practical tips also provide Shopware knowledge directly from our developers.

To the documentation

Find out for yourself!

Would you like to get to know Shopware, click through the administration and develop a feel for the possibilities and the new storefront? 

Then explore the Shopware 6 environment in your individual demo shop:

Set up demo shop now and get started!



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