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Shopware 6.2 out now

Shopware 6.2 out now

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Shopware 6 is constantly evolving. With so many new features and enhancements at hand, here we want to provide you with an overview of what you can look forward with the release of Shopware 6.2.


After order payment process 

  • Allows the user to pay existing orders with an “open” payment status (e. g. for failed payments or cancelled payments) 
  • Payment methods can be changed  
  • The user can send a reminder for payment with a direct link (also supports guest customers)
  • The user has the option of cancelling the order

Hide "out of stock" products

  • Out of stock products will not be shown in any listings 
  • The product detail page becomes unavailable

Track & trace integration

  • Merchants can add a link to the tracking platform with a placeholder for the tracking code
  • Support multiple tracking codes for one order 
  • Tracking links will be available in the customer account

Import / export module

  • Basic exports and imports for customers, categories, and products 
  • Only CSV support 
  • Profile administration and data mapping 

Google integration

  • Basic integration of gtag.js 
  • Typical ecommerce events already integrated 
  • Full support for the cookie consent tool 
  • Settings are made individually over each respective sales channel  

Variant preselection

  • Define which variant will be shown in listings, sliders, and so on 
  • Hreflang implementation 
  • Define the language of your domains and submit the language to Google via metatag 
  • Metatag for every indexable page

Cache module

  • Clear caches via administration 
  • Warm up the http cache via administration 
  • Use the indexer via administration

Admin orders

  • Create new orders via administration 
  • Apply promotions and vouchers to new orders 
  • Add custom items or discounts to orders

Order comment

  • Add a comment to an order during the ordering process 
  • Comments are displayed in the administration


  • Better theme handling (including overwriting Bootstrap variables and extended theme settings)
  • Expansion of cross-selling possibilities (manual selection of products, positioning via sliders, mix of manual selection and streams possible) 
  • Extended options in the Rule Builder (shipping and payment settings) 
  • Optimised plugin system
  • Developer documentation has been expanded

More information:

As usual, a detailed description of the new features is also available in the changelog and the user documentation.



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