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Shopware 6.2 Release Candidate (RC)

Shopware 6.2 Release Candidate (RC)

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Today we released the Shopware 6 Release Candidate (RC). You can download the RC here. As always you will find all the details about the changes in the changelog. In this blog post, we present to you the highlights of the release candidate from a developer perspective.

What does Release Candidate mean?

This version serves to collect last feedback before the release. Breaking changes can still happen up to the release if they are carried out as part of bug fixes. After the release of the RC up to the final version no new features will be added, only bugs will be fixed. With the RC you already have an overview of the almost final version of Shopware 6.2.

Changes in theme development:

  • A new entry point has been created in the theme.json to override the default Bootstrap SCSS variables by including the file overrides.scss in your theme.json. To the documentation
  • It is now possible to exclude the shopware skin for Bootstrap to build directly on the default Bootstrap skin. More information here.
  • The event "Shopware\Storefront\Event\ThemeCompilerEnrichScssVariablesEvent" was introduced to include additional SCSS variables via plugin, e.g. the configuration fields of the plugin. The documentation can be found here. 
  • The theme inheritance has been improved so that themes can now derive from other themes in any depth. 
  • It is now possible to divide the fields of the theme configuration into different tabs. More about this here.
  • You can use different field types in your theme manager. To the documentation.
  • It is now possible to edit the configuration of JavaScript plugins in the storefront via Twig. You can use the replace_recursive Twig filter for changing existing options. More here.

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Changes in the plugin system:

The following new fields are now available for the plugin configuration: 

  • Entity Multi-Select
  • Date, Datetime, Time-Picker
  • HTML editor
  • media selection
  • Color picker

Several optimizations have also been made to the Plugin Refresh & Update process. One of these optimizations is, for example, "automatic cache clearing".

Changes in the administration:

JavaScript unit tests via Jest are now also available for plugins.

Further modules of the administration were moved to the current data handling

  • sw-settings-payment
  • sw-settings-number-range
  • sw-settings
  • sw-newsletter-recipient
  • sw-media
  • sw-manufacturer
  • sw-integration

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Changes in the API/Core:

  • The indexers have been optimized to improve performance.
  • New rules have been added to the Rule Builder to exclude shipping methods and payment methods from each other
  • Shipping methods can now define tracking URLs and corresponding tracking codes can be stored on orders.
  • With the 6.2 RC the API version is incremented for the first time. The previous version is also still usable. The downward compatibility is ensured by a MySQL trigger system. As soon as the old field and the new field are sent, only the new field will be considered. There are also DAL indexers for systems that do not support MySQL triggers.
  • A new header "sw-api-compatibility" can be sent to the API, so deprecated fields from the previous version are also included in the request. If a new header is submitted, the old and the new fields are returned.

To the API guide

The new Store API

In the future, there will be a Store API to replace the current Sales Channel API. A first beta is included in the RC. Why there will be a new API and what is already possible with the beta we will answer here.



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