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Shopware 6.4 Release Candidate – out now

Shopware 6.4 Release Candidate – out now

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Today we released the Shopware Release Candidate (RC). You can download the RC here. As always you will find all the details about the changes in the changelog. In this blog post, we present to you the highlights of the release candidate from a developer perspective.

What does Release Candidate mean?

This version serves to collect last feedback before the release. Breaking changes can still happen up to the release if they are carried out as part of bug fixes. After the release of the RC up to the final version no new features will be added, only bugs will be fixed. With the RC you already have an overview of the almost final version of Shopware 6.4.

Changes in the app/plugin system

It is now possible to display apps and plug-ins in a structured way in the main menu. On the first level is the new menu item "Extensions". On the second level, a separate menu item can be created for each app and if required it can be further divided on the new third level.

At the same time, plug-ins can now also be found under the new menu item "Extensions", which means that both apps and plugins can be found centrally in one place. With this change, apps are treated equally to plugins in the on-premise world. The previous plugin manager is thus replaced and removed.

Changes in theme development

  • All SCSS files of a plugin relevant for the storefront are now loaded via the base.scss file, in which all other .scss files are imported via @import.
  • CMS Sitebuilder Iteration 1 - The service navigation has been removed from the header and is now located in the footer. This means that the imprint no longer has to be maintained twice to be legally compliant, but is available at all times and on all devices.

Changes in the administration

  • The product details page in the admin area has been completely revised. This means: A potential breaking change for apps and plugins when they access product fields.
  • In the first iteration stage for the further development of the CMS Sitebuilder, tabs, cards and fields were optimised and partially re-sorted. A potential breaking change for apps and plugins when they access cards and fields.
  • Thanks to the UX optimisation of the menu, users can now open as many sub-menus as they like at the same time without the previously expanded ones automatically closing again.

Changes in the API/Core

  • The minimum supported php version is now 7.4.
  • Breaking Change: The PHP extension sodium is a requirement from 6.4 and must be installed if not already present.
  • A potential breaking change for plugins comes with the update to Composer 2. If the naming conventions in composer.json do not match the requirements of Composer, plugins may no longer work. In addition, you can no longer install via Composer 1.
  • With, a new API versioning was introduced, which is now undergoing its final implementation. This means that the version specification has been removed from the paths:

Old: /api/v3/example-route
New: /api/example-route

A potential Breaking Change: Unadapted API routes of an app or plugin will no longer work. Check out the documentation: New API versioning explained

New functions in general

  • Variant products are now able to display and use "from" prices. In the course of this, product.listingPrices was replaced by product.cheapestPrice.
  • To improve the performance and reliability of Elasticsearch, it was optimised for product lists and product search in a first iteration. Note: If an app provides fields that should be searchable, the indexing of this app must be adapted.

Download Shopware 6.4 RC

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