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Shopware 6: Discover the possibilities of the early access 2

Shopware 6: Discover the possibilities of the early access 2

The release of Shopware 6 Early Access 2 represents an important step towards Shopware 6.1. Here is a detailed look at the roadmap and some exciting projects that have already put their faith in Shopware 6.

What has happened since the release of Early Access 1?

Shopware 6’s Early Access 1, which we relesed in July 2019, is causing download numbers way beyond our already high expectations.

We are looking forward to all the diverse feedback and will reflect it directly in our development work. Naturally, we want to share the state of development for Shopware 6 with the Shopware Community and inform you about the already existing options. 

What does Early Access mean?

With early access, shop operators have the opportunity to use Shopware 6 at an early stage. We hope that this will give us valuable feedback for further improvements. We want to implement these in the form of monthly releases and thereby provide additional functions

Live with Shopware 6: These customers already trust Early Access

We are proud to be currently supporting over 60 projects on their way to going live with Shopware 6. Shopware 6 has been downloaded over 22,000 times – the number of live operations are sure to increase rapidly until the final release.


Our first customers are already online with their new Shopware 6 shops. Here are some of the projects in more detail:


Implemented by dasistweb with Shopware 6 Professional Edition

This start-up, with three founders, Johannes, Jakob and Matthias, provides a simple solution for a well-known problem: a step-in binding for snowboards. Thanks to Shopware 6, nothing stood in the way for it to quickly implement an online shop, and it has all the options it might need for rapid growth.



Implemented by kreativkarussell with Shopware 6 Professional Edition

Want to sell deep-frozen food using an online shop? No problem! TK Direkt markets sweets and snack foods to retail customers and business customers. Shopware 6 provides the perfect basis for combining B2B and B2C shop.

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Implemented by SignTEK with Enterprise Edition

The Beeline Group is one of the world's largest trading companies for fashion jewellery and accessories. In its onlineshop, the company relies on the new and forward-looking technological basis of Shopware 6.

Discover more in our case study


The release candidate 2 offers these new possibilities

The Shopware 6 Roadmap is characterised by the thinking in the Early Access phase for improving performance, creating stability and offering shop operators maximum security in the feedback phase. Early Access 2 includes the following innovations:


The Community Edition of Shopware 6 already has the popular marketing tool from the Shopware 5 Professional Edition. It has been developed into a powerful tool that offers many possibilities. It can be managed easily via the administrators and can be activated for each sales channel. Promotions can be linked to defined target groups, shopping baskets or orders.




Product listing and filters

The product listing is extended to include filtering and sort functions. A sidebar can also be added in the layouts in combination with the CMS. The subcategory navigation and a filter panel are included in this. The classic layout can now be built completely via the CMS.

HTTP Cache

The Early Access 2 supplies a full HTTP cache and ensures remarkably fast performance in the storefront

Shopping experiences

A lot has also happened in the area of shopping experience. The currently released Shopware 6 version offers a number of exciting new features:

  • CMS pages can be translated into any number of languages
  • YouTube videos can be integrated immediately using the CMS element
  • Sidebar with subcategory navigation and filter panel



Plugin licence checks

As of Early Access 2, it will be possible to check plugin licences and subscriptions. If a subscription expires or a licence is violated, the shop operator receives a notification and warning in the administration. Subscriptions may also be extended in the administration.

Product reviews

Buyers can immediately post reviews about products which are managed by the shop operator in the administration and shown in the frontend.

Outlook: the next steps on the Shopware 6 Roadmap

  • Additional standard functions will be implemented and completed up to the release of Shopware 6.1.
  • Sales channels (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest)
  • Experience worlds will be expanded with storytelling
  • Improvements to the storefront (responsiveness, page speed, password and reset)
  • Internationalisation: Tax rates can be defined for each country
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Developer template for creating shops based on Git repositories
  • Cross-selling
  • Advanced data protection options
  • Enterprise Edition will be extended by the B2B Suite

We are working intensively on a number of exciting functions and are developing the existing features further. If you want to know what we are working on, what we want to do next and what visions we have for the future, our roadmap will give you an overview.

Do you want to find out for yourself?

Set up the demo shop now and discover the benefits and potential of Shopware 6 for yourself : 

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Shopware 6 Early Access is now available for download and can be tested with the new functions. You want to upgrade an existing Shopware 6 shop to Early Access 2? Then please take note of the information in our changelog.

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