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Shopware 6 early access: More flexibility for your e-commerce business

Shopware 6 early access: More flexibility for your e-commerce business

Things have changed quite a bit since the announcement of Shopware 6 at the Shopware Community Day and the publication of the developer preview. In this blog post, we will give you a concise summary of all the information related to the latest version of Shopware 6.

Why early access?

The release of the Shopware 6 early access version utilises all the features of the developer preview and includes optimisations based on feedback from the developer community.

Early access is ideal for users who would like to test our new eCommerce technology at an early stage to secure a competitive advantage as early adopters. In addition, extended customer projects can already be launched using Shopware 6 and expanded in the future with the updates outlined in the long-term roadmap. Even simple projects that primarily rely on specific features can already benefit from Shopware 6. 

What can the Shopware 6 early access version do? 

In addition to the highlights already presented in the developer preview such as the Rule Builder, Shopping Experiences or Sales Channels, the release contains the following new developments:

  • Demo environment: A public demo is now available for all those who are interested. Personalised demo shops are also available
  • First Run Wizard, including native PayPal integration, will support you with the initial installation
  • Installation and update options with the new installer, updater and auto-updater
  • New marketing opportunities with the new Promotions module
  • Theme customisations can be made from within administration

This release is provided in the various Shopware editions - Community, Professional and Enterprise. You can find out about the latest developments in the respective editions in our roadmap at any time.

Shopware 6 early access version: New features in detail


Previously, the tech preview of Shopware 6 was exclusively available through GitHub. A regular installation programme is now available for Shopware 6 to install Shopware on your hosting environment. You can get started right away here

First Run Wizard 

The First Run Wizard will accompany and support you step by step during the initial setup and configuration of your shop. The wizard allows you to easily select and install language plugins and offers recommendations for other helpful extensions. To help you easily get started selling online, the popular PayPal payment plugin is already integrated. 

An existing Shopware account can also be linked at this time, or a new account can be created as an alternative. After successfully logging in, the licence domain will be requested and a corresponding verification will be carried out. Once these steps have been completed successfully, the relevant information will be displayed in your administrator area. All of these steps can be run through again at any time via the basic settings.

Update options

The technical foundations have been created and implemented in order to update Shopware 6 using a manual update package, for instance.

The auto updater will inform you whether a new version of Shopware is available. You can also conveniently update your installation of Shopware 6 to the latest version through your administrator area.

Expanded prices  

Shopware 6 offers you the option to define prices very flexibly. For example, prices can be defined by specific country or for particular customers. This is a valuable tool for expanding your business internationally or multi-shop scenarios. During the checkout process, a clear price calculation will be carried out, and vertical or horizontal tax calculations are possible. 

Detailed variant page    

All variants can be personalised in your administrator area. Relevant fields such as the name, price or product images are carried over from the main product in the first step. However, the fields that are carried over can be cancelled individually, allowing each variant to be modified separately. 

Shopping Experiences



With Shopware 6, we are providing the perfect foundation for successful content commerce. Thanks to the new Shopping Experiences feature, even shop operators with less technical expertise will succeed in creating one-of-a-kind brand experiences and emotional storytelling without having to make cumbersome adjustments to the template. With an extensive set of pre-defined blocks, you have new options for designing worlds of content in Shopware 6.

Theme Manager  

The integration of the Theme Manager makes it possible to flexibly adjust the storefront layout through the administrator area. As a result, colours or logos can be edited smoothly and easily.



These popular marketing tools are easy to generate in the administrator area and can be activated for individual sales channels. As a condition, you can link the promotions to a particular target group, baskets or orders.

Language plugins

Easy internationalisation: Comprehensive language packages offer professional translations in additional languages. After installation, these translations are available for administrators and the storefront. With multilingual storefronts, nothing stands in the way of smooth internationalisation. 

Legal information & privacy

Our objective with Shopware 6 is to guide shop operators when facing difficult issues such as legal security and privacy. Many features that are relevant for these matters were fundamentally redesigned in Shopware 6. Some of them have already been implemented in the latest version, while further optimisations will be released with the planned updates. For instance, automatic privacy notices wherever personal data is transmitted to the server make the process considerably easier.

Other relevant features:

  • Legally sound basket
  • Asterisk notes
  • Notes regarding taxes
  • Geo-blocking (delivery countries can be configured and blocked)

Keyboard shortcuts

The new administrator area offers simple and efficient usability. Actions and pages that are used frequently and repeatedly can be selected using keyboard shortcuts. You can find an overview in the menu bar under the user data.   


The transparent Shopware roadmap shows you what we are working on, what we plan to tackle next and what visions we have for the future. 

If you want to be personally informed about all Shopware 6 updates, subscribe to our release newsletter.  

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