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Shopware 6 Release News – June 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – June 2022

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Shopware version has been released. A new tag manager, additional conditions for dynamic product groups, an advanced search, and many other improvements that make your everyday work in the administration easier await you. 

Learn more in the respective sections and watch the release video.


Check out the new tag manager

Whether products, media, orders, rules, or shipping methods: You can assign tags to these and other entities. This helps you, for example, to find specific data sets more quickly, to categorize them, or to use them for rules in the Rule Builder. Marketing for certain customer groups can also succeed more easily with the help of tags.

This is new: From now on you can manage all your tags in one single module

The new Tag Manager offers you the following advantages:

  • Overview of all existing tags
  • Filter by usage
  • Edit, delete or merge tags
  • View all entities which a specific tag is assigned to
  • Assign tags to entities

Filter and manage all the tags in the tag module.

You can find the tag manager under Settings > Tags. The release video also gives you a first-hand look at the new tag module.

New conditions for dynamic product groups

With dynamic product groups, you can, for example, fill sales channels, categories, or sales elements such as product sliders on store pages. The product group is based on conditions that you define and according to which the products are filtered. The advantage: Dynamic product groups adapt automatically when ...

  • new products comply with the conditions or
  • existing products no longer meet the conditions.

With this release we have implemented two new filter conditions that you can use when you create rules:

1)    GTIN/EAN
Both the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and the EAN (European Article Number) are identification numbers for products. From now on, you can display products with specific identification numbers in dynamic product groups.

2)    Delivery time
Play out products with a specific delivery time in a dynamic product group, for example, only products with short delivery times for a last-minute gift sale.


A condition with the delivery time as a new filter is created here.

Enjoy our optimized search in the administration

Whether products, modules, customer, or order data: Using the search in the Shopware administration, you can find what you're looking for and quickly jump to the suggested data or modules.

We want to make your use of the search even more efficient and have therefore made a few improvements:

  • We've improved the performance
  • We've optimized the ranking of the results
  • When searching in modules, the entities contained in them are now automatically enabled for the search (even if the administrator has excluded them via the search settings for the global search). Otherwise, a zero-hit result would be irritating and not helpful.
  • Along with this, we have also added new default values in the search settings

Flow Builder: Small UX and UI improvements

With the Flow Builder, you can set up automatic workflows that are individually customized to your business – no programming, easy in the administration.

We have optimized the sorting and grouping of all selectable actions so that you can keep an even better overview. In the dropdown menu, you will now find all actions grouped with clearly arranged categories. Actions added by apps also have their own group in the dropdown menu (see Slack as an example in the screenshot).


This is what the new sorting of actions in the dropdown menu looks like.

Another optimization for the Flow Builder relates to saving changes. Here you will be asked if you want to save the workflow before you leave the module. This way you are on the safe side and no changes will get lost accidentally.


To be on the safe side, we will ask you before you leave.

New features with several votes from the Shopware community

The Shopware Issue Tracker allows the community to create tickets and vote for tickets that are particularly important to them. The following new features had several votes and have now been implemented:

  • __Custom Fields with inherited languages
    __The content of custom fields is now automatically inherited over languages, so you don't have to translate and fill in every content manually anymore. (9 votes)
  • Disable default cookie notification
    There are third-party solutions that use a custom consent tool. The default cookie notification is then no longer needed and should be deactivated. You can enable or disable the default cookie notification here: Settings > Basic Information > Security and Privacy. (54 votes)

This is where you can disable the default cookie notification.

Improved workflow: Manual app updates and necessary permissions

When you update an app manually, the permissions of that app may change. For example, to be able to perform certain actions, access data, or change the domain. In the following, you will learn for both distribution models how the workflow used to be and what will change now:

Shopware self-managed

Let's say your online store is based on Shopware self-managed and you update an app manually. So far, you haven't received any notifications that the app has acquired new access rights or can now perform domain changes. However, this information could be important. Therefore, with the new Shopware version, you will receive that notification if such a case should occur. Thus, a manual app update will not be executed until you have agreed to the new permissions.

Shopware cloud

If, on the other hand, you have a store based on Shopware cloud, in the past we stopped performing automatic updates at a certain point because the corresponding permissions were not available. Manual updates were also not possible. Until now! With the new version, you can perform updates manually if they are not executed automatically due to permissions.

Watch the summary in the release video

In this video, we show you in the administration what has changed with this release.


New possibilities for the app system

Admin Extension SDK

With the Admin SDK, the administration panel can now be extended the way you want it:

  • add menu entries
  • add modules
  • open modal popups
  • trigger notifications
  • use data handling to modify data via extensions
  • extend admin panel detail pages with additional cards
  • add own tabs to tab panels
  • receive information of current language, locale or currency used in administration panel in your App
  • add action buttons (as you currently do via manifest)
  • add individual setting items

Please find more information in the documentation about Admin Extension SDK.

Further expansion of the app system

We once again extended the app system. For apps, it is now possible to have their specific conditions in the Rule Builder. With this it is possible to adjust the Rule Builder to any specific app.

Additionally to that, __apps can now __add their own actions to the Flow Builder.

Custom fields to all entities

Last but not least: as before only a small selection of entities were available, Apps can now add custom fields to all entities where custom fields are possible in general.

Unified handling for refunds

Payment methods can be enhanced from now on via a unified interface for transactions which allows a consistent experience for refunds.

Read More in sections Add payment plugin and Refund in our documentation.

Container items in the shopping cart

Cart templates have been changed in a way that they now can include nested line items that can be filled with “injected” elements, for example from your public or private apps.


  • Missed out on any release updates? Find out more about recent releases!
  • As always, you can see the concrete changes also in the upgrade.md or in our technical changelog.
  • No matter which issue you’re dealing with, it’s often worth checking out our documentation first.

Go download the latest Shopware version here

Shopware 6 Changelog


Many thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests we could merge in this version!

Alexander Menk
Joshua Behrens
Nils Evers
Rafael Kraut
Bjoern Herzke
Pascal Jonasson
Huzaifa Mustafa
Dominik Mank
Marcin Kaczor


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