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Shopware 6 release news: what's new in June 2023

Shopware 6 release news: what's new in June 2023

As the Shopware Community Day (SCD) has just passed and we introduced the groundbreaking AI Copilot and other exciting product updates on stage, the June release is a bit smaller this time. Discover all the details here and get a concise rundown of the most important product updates from the SCD.


Shopware – that’s new

The following changes apply to the new version in the Community Edition and all commercial plans.

Now available: Dynamic Product Groups with digital or physical products

From now on, you will find a new condition in the Dynamic Product Groups. With that, you can specify the product type, distinguishing between digital and physical products. Use this condition, for example, to create a Dynamic Product Group exclusively with digital products.

dynamic product groups with digital products

What are Dynamic Product Groups?

With Shopware, you can create Dynamic Product Groups and showcase them in various areas of your online store, such as Shopping Experiences, categories, or product sliders. Define rules and determine which products should be included in your Dynamic Product Group. These products will be automatically added to the product group, eliminating the need for manual adding or removing of products. You can link the dynamic rules to various conditions. For example, include only products that are currently on sale or from a specific manufacturer.

Adjust order status using bulk editing, with no obstacles in your way

The bulk edit feature is particularly useful for shop owners who frequently handle large amounts of data manually in the admin. It can save a lot of time by allowing you to make numerous data adjustments with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to select and edit them one by one. It is also possible to use bulk editing to modify order statuses. In the past, however, there were occasional challenges: not all order statuses were consistently available for selection. But fret not! We have thoroughly revised the feature, ensuring that you can now freely select any order status without encountering any issues.

Improved: editing snippets on the detail page

For text translation and customization purposes, you can use snippets in Shopware and even create new ones. Previously, there was a limitation where you could only edit the first 25 snippets on the detail page in the administration. However, with the latest release, we have resolved this issue. Now, you can seamlessly edit all text blocks on the detail page without any restrictions.


More information and download

As always, you can see the concrete changes also in the upgrade.md.

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Key product updates from SCD 2023

These product announcements were unveiled at the Shopware Community Day and cover different Shopware versions:

AI Copilot

Our revolutionary AI feature set was introduced during the Merchant Day keynote at SCD. Sebastian Hamann and Mark Stanley provided initial insights into the capabilities and visionary concept. Later, in the talk "All the latest from Shopware. Our promises, what we released and what’s coming next" a more detailed overview of each feature was shared.

Product roadmap

You should not miss the aforementioned talk just for the AI Copilot but also to get a comprehensive overview of the product roadmap. Product Targeting Managers Jonas Fuchs and Aaron Schaarschmidt, along with Stefan Dillage, Product Owner for Orders & Customers, presented the recent and upcoming developments in the Shopware product ecosystem.

Aaron Schaarschmidt

B2B Components

Vanessa Brauch showcased the new B2B Components during the Merchant Day keynote. Here's what it's all about: We are reimagining the current B2B Suite, both technically and content-wise. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, merchants can now choose and combine different components that perfectly align with their specific requirements. These components will be gradually released throughout 2023, with a focus on 50% of the new features being geared towards B2B functionality.

Shopware Composable Frontends

Our new toolkit for highly customizable frontends was presented during both the Merchant Day and Developer Day. Take a look at the Merchant Day keynote and listen to Moritz Naczenski's insights, or for a more in-depth and technical presentation, check out Ramona Schwering's talk on the Developer Day.

Developer topics

The Developer Day featured a plethora of topics specifically tailored to developers. Whether it's about Shopware 5, SaaS, or gathering product feedback, be sure to explore our SCD recap for an overview or dive directly into the several sessions available in the video portal.

You can access all the videos from the Shopware Community Day for free.

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