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Shopware 6 Release News – October 2021

Shopware 6 Release News – October 2021

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Shopware is here and it includes some powerful features that open up new possibilities, resulting in a more comfortable way to run your online store. These new features include the Bulk Edit, added conditions for the Rule Builder, and optimised Sales Channel handling. You can read all about it here, or – and this is new! – jump directly to our release video.



The Bulk Edit: Edit various data sets with just a few clicks

This is a feature that many in the Shopware community have been asking for, and now it's here: The Bulk Edit! It is especially useful for online store operators who often process multiple data manually in the admin. The Bulk Edit is an enormous time-saver. It allows you to edit numerous data sets with just a few clicks, instead of having to call them up and edit them individually each and every time. Bulk Edit is available for two sections in this iteration: Firstly for products, and secondly for orders. This allows you to adjust multiple fields for various products or orders at the same time. Select up to 1,000 products at once and change, for example, the stock level, descriptions, or properties with just a few clicks. Watch this video to see how Bulk Edit is applied in the administration.

Outlook: We're planning to expand the Bulk Edit feature even further. In the near future, it'll also be possible to edit customer data and order documents with the Bulk Edit function. Since we want to ensure flawless functionality, unfortunately this isn't yet possible in this iteration.

Discover new conditions in the Rule Builder

The Rule Builder is one of the core features in Shopware 6, allowing you to create rules tailored to your needs by using defined conditions. From simple price promotions to complex scenarios, there're countless possibilities - and with this release there are even more!

As before, you can create rules in the Shopware administration under Settings > Rule Builder that are linked to one or more conditions. In addition to the already existing conditions, we have added the following three new conditions in this release:

  • Customer email address: Here you can specify whether an email address should include a certain term. For example, if you want to give discounts to customers of a specific company.
  • Line item available stock: Link your new rule, for example, to whether the stock of a product is higher, equal, or less than value X.
  • Volume of cart: If you specify the measurements of the products, Shopware can calculate the volume of the shopping basket. Link this condition to shipping rules, for example, in order to determine your shipping costs.

Optimised Sales Channels handling

Do you use a lot of Sales Channels and find it tedious to click from one to the other? That's over now, because in the new administration for Sales Channels you can quickly overview and manage all Sales Channels. To do this, click on the new three-dots menu in the administration sidebar and select Manage Sales Channels. This will take you to an overview of all your Sales Channels. Here you can also see the number of assigned products and their status. Not only can you edit your Sales Channels here or add new ones, but also search for Sales Channels. Manage your Sales Channels even more easily and intuitively!

More clarity for admin users with different timezones

With the new release, you can now set user-specific timezones. This is especially advantageous if several users in different timezones administer the online store. To change the timezone, simply click on the administration on the bottom left on Your Profile and select the corresponding country under the new Timezone field. The change automatically affects which times are displayed in the administration and is therefore more comprehensible for the respective user.

Summary in the release video

In this video, Nick (Shopware Customer Support) gives you insights into the new functions and shows you how to use them in the Shopware Administration.



This is about special extensions or new functions that are not part of the Shopware Core.

New feature for the Professional Edition: Dynamic Access

Users of a Shopware PE licence can get excited about a new feature to come. Although not yet included in this release, this feature is already in the pipeline and offers valuable enhancements for B2B and B2C businesses. What does Dynamic Access do?

  • Online store operators can display categories, landing pages and products based on rules
  • For example, these can only be used for certain customer groups or based on other customer properties
  • You can always select several rules at the same time that you would like to perform



Localised feedback for apps

App developers are now able to receive localised feedback by getting the default or the user language for stuff like e.g. webhooks that have no admin interaction.

Isolation of error handling in admin

We implemented error boundaries for the isolation of errors on different levels. These error messages will now be logged to the console before they can break other parts of the software so they can be caught on module level.

Read more about it:

Isolated extensions in admin

Extensions are now completely isolated from each other as well as from the admin core. This means that extensions can never break the core build or interference with another extension can happen.

Additionally, each extension can also use its own Webpack configuration and install its own dependencies. The dependencies from the core can be imported directly using Webpack externals. This allows developers to work as they are used to from all other JS projects.

In summary, this leads to more robustness and stability of the entire system as well as to more independence when coding extensions.


  • Missed out on any release updates? Find out more about recent releases!
  • As always, you can see the concrete changes also in the upgrade.md or in our technical changelog.
  • No matter which issue you’re dealing with, it’s often worth checking out our documentation first.

Go download the latest Shopware version here

Shopware 6 Changelog



From now we are going to add this Credits section to our Release News to honour the brave developers who contributed to Shopware in order to make it even better! Many thanks to all GitHub contributors for your pull requests we could merge in this version!

Hannes Wernery Hannes Wernery
Rune Laenen Rune Laenen
FKrohmer FKrohmer
Pascal Josephy Pascal Josephy
Joshua Behrens Joshua Behrens
Jonas Søndergaard Jonas Søndergaard
Max Max
Dr. Ulrich Thomas Gabor Dr. Ulrich Thomas Gabor
Bogdan Bogdan
Wolfgang Kreminger Wolfgang Kreminger
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