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Shopware Boost Day #01 - The recap

Shopware Boost Day #01 - The recap

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What is the Boost Day?

In January 2020 Shopware 6 has been released to the world. It is the basis of a new and better Shopware world. But this world needs more than a base: It needs the people who made Shopware 5 what it is today.

Boost Day is all about engaging the community and making Shopware 6 even better than it is today, together. We do this by adding popular features and tackling GitHub issues.

Both for the Shopware core developers and for the community, it has been a unique opportunity to get to know each other. And maybe, more importantly, learn from each others' way of working.

For each Boostday we set a clear goal. For the first Boost Day, this was "Stability". We curated a list of GitHub issues than have been high on the priority list of tackling, and together with the community we managed to squash all of them! 

Through these amazing contributions Shopware 6 takes an amazing leap forward, with the next release consisting complete of community-driven code!

Thank you all for your contributions!!

More information about the Boost Day in this video: 

How did the first Boost Day went?

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from all of you who participated in Boost Day. Within days the 100 seats were registered and together with our Shopware team, over 140 people submitted an amazing number of improvements to Shopware 6 in one day. The numbers speak for themselves:



What went well?

Communication, above all. This means that both the participants among each other and the exchange with the Shopware devs worked wonderfully. Not only on a professional level but also on a personal level, which we were very pleased with.

The integration of the design worked well. And we drew a lot of learnings from this for the future. 

The QA did a very good job and was integrated in an exemplary manner.

And perhaps the most important thing: A lot was achieved and from the feedback we received, everyone seems very excited with the end result. It was a real pleasure for us to tinker and build together with you and the actual goals of Boost Day were achieved: growing closer to the community, creating understanding for each other, and making Shopware even better together.

What have we learned from this first Boost Day?

A first work is rarely without mistakes, and we also learned a lot. The most important thing: Github is not really suitable as a project management tool for something like the Boost Day. We will find out if we need another tool or if there is an error on OSI Layer 8.

Also, the announcement of the tickets and team finding should take place before the Boost Day starts, this will make for less waiting after the kick-off and a fluffier feeling.

So what happens next?

Of the 45 pull requests that were created on Boost Day, the majority will find their way directly into one of the next patch releases, a community release.

The other pull requests contain features or changes that cannot be published in a patch release, they will be marked accordingly and published in the next appropriate release.

The unfinished tickets are completed in the normal Github workflow and then find their way into the shopware source code.

Thank you!

Without our community, none of this would have been possible. Therefore we thank from the bottom of our hearts every person who participated. That includes both the community and the people who work at Shopware. You guys are fantastic. Thank you. :-)

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