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Shopware Boost Day #8 – the recap

Shopware Boost Day #8 – the recap

On September 16th and 17th, we invited our dev community to our Shopware Boost Day for the eighth time. This Boost Day was designed as a hybrid event: participants could decide to attend in person on-site at the Shopware Campus in Schöppingen – or virtually via Gather Town. In summary, 75 chaps from the community appeared online – including around 30 participants at the campus as well. Altogether, they were eager to work on projects they wanted to push ahead collaborating with others abreast, even together with Shopware core developers.

On the eve of this event, we met at Tietmeyer's for socializing, food and drinks – and at once, the pow-wow began. Well-known faces and newbies to the community sat together until the last order call was spoken, chatting about the usual stuff when one cages ecommerce developers into a single room.

On Friday at 9:30 am, we started collecting the different ideas and topics people wanted to work on, clustered them, and formed groups of developers for collaboration. And then, it hit off! Useless to list all the different ideas and deeds here in this blog post. Just see this link to get a clue of the different topics and the simple mass of ideas these brave guys were working on:

Interestingly, a big part of it found its way to the Shopware Platform project on GitHub as a pull request.

Here are some impressions of the day: 

On Friday, we just had two "interruptions": At about 1:30 pm, the "Mystery Frontend Session" took place, an interesting new topic in storefront development, which we will inform you about soon in this channel. Hang on.

With another bunch of participants, we took the bus in the late afternoon to a really historic gambling hall, the Retro Nerds Münsterland. Boy, these gals and guys are real nerds! This association restores old gaming machines and puts them up in their cellar for everybody to use. We even found their oldest machine from 1949 there, which formerly were placed at fun fairs – how impressive to touch and to play with them!

When returning, BBQ as well as socializing was already waiting for us for dinner. Others went back to code and we had to inform security not to be alerted because it was very late that night.

On Saturday, the hacking went on in the morning. In the early afternoon, we talked to each other, about what we were working on and what was achieved or not finished. However, and certainly no manner to what was the outcome or what was not: It was worth it coming here! We got to know each other, worked with each other on specific topics, and learned how others approach issues, right?

BTW: Here are other resources if you are interested. Enjoy!

Looking forward to seeing you next time.  


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