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Shopware Community Digest July & August ´22

Shopware Community Digest July & August ´22

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It´s time again for getting you updated.  Although it´s been summer time, people have spend their time to create great content for the__ Shopware Community__. Thanks to all for their contributions. Although it´s not mentioned in this overview, a lot of technical interactions have been and are happening currently on Stackoverflow. We have seen a huge increase of interactions, people helping each other with their questions and problems. We are grateful for your support here as well. Thank you so much. 

We hope that we did not miss any content from you. If so, you might drop us an email at community@shopware.com in the future, in case you created something, which would be interesting for other developers to consume. 

If you like, what´s been created by other community members, let them know (like, star, share) and promote their content to other people. Stay tuned and thanks for being part of this wonderful community.

Recent Blog Posts 

Community Voice Project – The Report by Shopware United 

Whats new on the Shopware 6 eCommerce platform? by BitBag 

All you need to know about Shopware integrations by BitBag 

Everything you need to know before choosing Shopware as a developer and a merchant by BitBag 

Shopware for fashion eCommerce by BitBag 

The confusing proposition of Shopware PWA by Jisse Reitsma 

Comparison of Vue Storefront for Magento and for Shopware by Jisse Reitsma 

ElasticSearch cluster health is yellow, which is ok? by Jisse Reitsma 

How to debug SQL-Queries in Shopware 6 by BrocksiNet  

Open - Authentic - Visionary – Shopware by Ninja Army 

How to create a CMS-Block in the App-System by Ninja Army  

How to create a CMS-Element in Shopware 6 by Ninja Army 

How to create a CMS-Block in Shopware 6 by Ninja Army 

How to create a (correct) order using Admin API in Shopware 6? by Macopedia 

A nice package of Mollie actions for Cypress on GitHub 

The 2nd edition of Shopware United Days PL by Shopware United

Shopware vs. Shopify what is the better Store-System? by shopstudio 

Shopware auf der Überholspur - Sicherer Betrieb durch Modsecurity mit Elastic und Kubernetes by synaigy 

Shopware PWA: How It Can Optimize Your Customer Experience by Make an app like 

Shopware Iconset – We have the big collection ever! by Alphanauten 

Install Shopware on Ubuntu 22.04 – step by step guide by Najigram 

Shopware 6 Plugins by great2gether (DE)

Shopware 6 Konfiguration Teil 1/3 by great2gether (DE)

Shopware 6 Konfiguration Teil 2/3 by great2gether (DE)

Shopware 6 Konfiguration Teil 3/3 by great2gether (DE)

Neue Artikel bei Shopware 6 by great2gether (DE)

Shopware 5 vs. 6: Wann sich der Wechsel lohnt by Webcellent (DE)

Shopware 6 Verkaufskanäle - Das Wichtigste in Kürze by Exconcept (DE)

Shopware 6 Update sicher & einfach durchführen by Orangebytes (DE)

Shopware PageSpeed Optimierung – so wird Ihr Shop richtig schnell by positionone (DE)

Google AdWords und Shopware – Wie nutzt man es optimal zusammen by Cutvert (DE)

Upcoming Community Events

09.-11.09.2022 Web Engineering UnConference / Mallorca - Spain 

16.-17.09.2022 Shopware Boost Day #8: Lets get 1337! / Schöppingen - Germany 

23.-25.09.2022 13. DevOps Camp 2022 / Fürth - Germany 

23.09.2022 Kellerkinder BarCamp & Die-es-gibt-auf-jeden-Fall-eine-Hüpfburg-Party! by Kellerkinder 

23.-24.09.2022 Shopware Stack Day (digital) 

02.11.2022 Hello Shopware NL / Utrecht - Netherlands

17.10.2022 Shopware MeetUp Nürnberg / Nürnberg - Germany  

03.11.2022 Shopware Meetup Bielefeld / Bielefeld - Germany

Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence

21. - 22.09.2022 DMEXCO / Cologne - Germany 

27. - 28.09.2022 Eisenwarenmesse / Cologne - Germany 

28. - 29.09.2022 eCommerce expo / London - UK

Video Recordings

Is Composable Commerce de toekomst van eCommerce? by Emerce Retail (NL)

How to: Create Contact & Newsletter Forms – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio 

Monitor Your Shop Success: Google Tag Manager – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio 

Optimize your SEO: Working Sitemaps in your Online Shop – Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio 



Episode 31: Dies, das, Community by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 32: Special: Docker & Kubernetes by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 33: Internationalisierung by shopcast.fm (DE)

#115 Aller Anfang ist leicht – Shopware Gründer Stefan Hamann by Handel 4.0 (DE)

Revision 537: Was gibt es Neues in Cypress 9 und 10? by Working Draft (DE)

Open Source Plugins 

Administration Login with Microsoft, Google, Okta, OneLogin, cidaas, Keycloak and JIRA by Heptacom 

Content created by Shopware

{DEV}initely: Through the night with Christian Dangl Part 1

{DEV}initely: Through the night with Christian Dangl Part 2

Shopware 6 Release News – August 2022 

Shopware 6 Release News – July 2022

Shopware 5 – how it continues

New ways of adminstration extendibilty for Shopware 6 

Release News: Improvements & more in Shopware 6.4.12 

Release News: Improvements & more in Shopware 6.4.14 

Rule Builder and Flow Builder: What are the differences of these Shopware Key Features?

Customer Happiness Circle 1: Perfect usability in an online store 

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