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Shopware Community Digest – May & June '22

Shopware Community Digest – May & June '22

The Shopware Community Digest is a collection of resources dedicated to Shopware development and related topics. Here you'll find opinions and recommendations from the Shopware community, various How-tos, blog posts, and event announcements.

Formerly known as Tech Trends, the Shopware Community Digest features exclusive technical content from the community and Shopware team on a bi-monthly basis. Be sure to like, star, share, and shout out any contributions you enjoyed. Would you personally like to share your new posts and content as tutorials or knowledge articles? Great! Drop us an email at community@shopware.com for the next edition. Stay tuned and thanks for being part of the community.

Recent blog posts

How we do nightly automated load tests at Shopware by Shyim

Shopware Rector Project by Shyim

A deep dive into Shopware 6 Caching by Shyim

Recap Shopware UnConference by Matheus Gontijo

Shopware Community UnConference 2022 by Timo Helmke

My first (Shopware) UnConference by Christian Dangl

Shopware Community: Strength is not in numbers by Firebear

The Vue proposal of Shopware by Jisse Reitsma

Shopware 6 Accounting Software Integration: Sync Your Business With Best Services by Firebear

Shopware 6.4.11 NavigationLoader performance improvements evaluated by Tideways

How to build your custom component in Shopware 6? by Hasan Haider

Kellerkinder HOCKEthon: Personal recap by Timo Helmke

Shopware Google Shopping Export für das Merchant Center by Cutvert (DE)

Upcoming community events

14.07.2022 Shopware United PWA event - lifting the lid on PWA / Eindhoven - Netherlands

17.08.2022 Shopware Meetup / Kiel - Germany

01.-02.09.2022 Web Summer Camp 2022 / Sibenik- Croatia

09.-11.09.2022 Web Engineering UnConference

Upcoming exhibitons or events with Shopware presence

01.09.2022 Multichannelday / Cologne - Germany

21.-22.09.2022 DMEXCO - Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference / Cologne - Germany

25.-28.09.2022 Eisenwarenmesse / Cologne - Germany

28.-29.09.2022 eCommerce Expo / London – United Kingdom

02.09.2022 E-Commerce BBQ 2022 – Bielefeld - Germany

Video recordings

PIM ecommerce panel discussion by Shopware United

Artificial Intelligence in Commerce by Shopware United

Shopware 6 plugin development ( part 4 ) by Isfhan Ahmed

Shopware 6 plugin development ( part 5 ) by Isfhan Ahmed

How to: Update your Shopware Shop - Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio

How to: Basic Setup Google Analytics in Shopware - Shopware 6 Tutorial by shopstudio


Shopware unplugged #022 Kathleen Claes about her road to Shopware! by Tomas Hessling

Collaboration, Openness, And Shopware´s Growing Community with Ben Marks by CommerceParty

Visual Testing with Ramona Schwering on Web Rush #179 by John Papa

Episode 26: Testen mit Ramona by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 27: Shopware Community Un-Conference Recap by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 28: Christian von Dockware by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 29: Bald ist SCD by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 30: SafeFive – Die Zukunft? by shopcast.fm (DE)

Episode 31: Dies, das, Community by shopcast.fm (DE)

Is Composable Commerce de toekomst van eCommerce? by Emerce Retail (NL)

Nieoczekiwane koszty migracji e-sklepu - Tpay Podcast #8 (Shopware) (PL)

Content created by Shopware

Shopware 6 Release News – April 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – May 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – June 2022

Release News Video: Tags, FlowBuilder & more in Shopware 6.4.12

Private apps: possibilities for custom extension development in Shopware cloud

Testing and staging with Shopware 6

The SCD Tech Stage

Another news

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