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Shopware Community Digest September & October '22

Shopware Community Digest September & October '22

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Autumn has arrived and we are approaching winter with big steps. What hasn't changed are the great community contributions that we have again collected here in large numbers. In addition, many of you have provided many questions and answers on Stack Overflow. This is how developers within the community help each other. Thank you for your contributions and for the help you regularly give others on Stack Overflow

Donate some likes, shares, stars or share the content with others, if you like the content. Stay tuned and thanks for being part of this wonderful community. The next__ community digest__ will come in the beginning of next year.  

We are also very proud about overreaching 2.000 stars on github. That´s fantastic, thanks to all of you, which made this possible. 

If we missed any content, you might drop us an email at community@shopware.com in the future, in case you created something, which would be interesting for other developers to consume. 

Recent Blog Post  

PWA for Shopware 6 and Top 7 Apps Analyze. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for eCommerce by igeekphone 

Shopware Web Development: Everything You Need to Know to Build a Site That Converts by (RS)WEBSOLS 

Two weeks after using Gitpod only for development by Shyim 

Cluster Setup by Shyim 

Understanding Shopware 6 PHPDocs annotations by Jisse Reitsma 

Shopware 6: CMS-Elements hidden options by Ninja Army 

Shopware pwa customization | Vue Storefront UI by Sourin Ghosh 

How to have an eCommerce Website expeditiously with Shopware Customization? by Webkul 

Shopware 6.4.4 Release Note: Bug Fixes and Product Updates by AbiLogic 

8 Best Things to Develop ShopWare for your eCommerce Store by CamRojud 

Improve your Shopware 6 experience with Fixtures by boxblinkracer  

Easy sample for the Shopware 6 app system in combination with dockware by boxblinkracer 

PHPStan with static SQL analysis as pre-commit hook for Shopware 6 by BrocksiNet 

Configure PHPStan in PHPStorm to use PHP from Docker Container by BrocksiNet 

How do you properly handle boosted traffic in your Shopware store? by shopstudio 

How to optimize the conversion rate (CRO) of your Shopware-Store? by shopstudio 

How do you brand your Shopware store correctly? by shopstudio 

Why Shopware 6 is the best eCommerce platform for your online store? by MageSpark 

AI and personalization in Shopware by BitBag 

Shopware Shopping Experiences – handle content with less effort by BitBag 

How to Install Shopware with Nginx and Free Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 22.04 by HowtoForge 

How to install Shopware with Nginx and free Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 22.04 by HowtoForge (German)

Shopware Plugins - how to install them? by ebakery (German) 

Shopware Meetup in Nürnberg: Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 / Best Practices and a Plan B by safefive (German) 

Shopware SEO - The most important basics for a better ranking of your online store by Farbentour (German) 

Shopware 6 Backup in zwei Schritten per Konsole erstellen by Orangebytes (German) 

The big Shopware 6 SEO guide: 12 tips for a better ranking by Atloss (German) 

Import Shopware Categories by solution25 (German) 

Create service and info menu in the Shopware footer by WEB-Grips (German) 

How to optimally prepare your OXID store data for moving to Shopware by WEB-Grips (German) 

Install Shopware Plugins: Step by step, simple guide by Alphanauten (German) 

Wat is een Progressieve Web App? by kmkoster.nl (Dutch) 

5 gouden tips voor Black Friday by emerce (Dutch) 

Upcoming Community Events  

05.-06.11.2022 MarTech Hackathon / Warsaw - Poland 

17.11.2022 Shopware Meetup München / Munich - Germany 

26.01.2023 Hello Shopware Netherlands / Utrecht - Netherlands 

09.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Franken / Forchheim - Germany 

Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence:  

09.11.2022 Shop Usability Award 2022 / Munich - Germany 

23.02.2023 E-commerce Expo 2023 / Berlin - Germany 

27.02.-02.03.2023 eTail Palm Springs 2023 / Palm Springs - USA 

26.-29.03.2023 Shoptalk US / Las Vegas - USA 

19.-20.03.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht - Netherlands 

31.08.2023 Multichannelday / Cologne - Germany 


#024: Shopware import/export integration with Alexey Malynov by shopwareunplugged 

Episode 34: Composable Commerce by shopcast.fm (German) 

Episode 35: Apps: A field report by shopcast.fm (German) 

Episode 36: The country needs new prices by shopcast.fm (German) 

SDDC#3 - How soulful is community management? Yes! - with Claudia Teubner from Shopware by SDDC (German) 

Shopware and SEO: Interview with Marcel Krippendorf by Jackert O´Daniel (German) 

Content created by Shopware

Using composer for plugin installation in Shopware 

Our new Meteor Component Library 

Shopware goes Symfony Flex 

Shopware Boost Day #8 – the recap 

Meteor Storefront Foundations – 1.1.1 

Shopware 6 Release News – September 2022 

Shopware 6 Release News – October 2022 

The Shopware Publisher (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN) 

Customer experience – what matters? 

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