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The Shopware GitHub repository will move – everything you need to know

The Shopware GitHub repository will move – everything you need to know

Let us start with the news, then get to the implications, needed actions on your side, and the timeline. If you are still using Shopware 5, then this is a potential breaking change that will be explained below.

What is happening?

The GitHub repository shopware/platform will be moved to shopware/shopware.

This change affects all people who are working with the Shopware GitHub repository, directly or indirectly, e.g., through composer.

What are the implications, what needs to be done?

After the switch, there will be an automatic redirection. All requests to shopware/platform will be resolved to shopware/shopware. This prevents things from breaking, so there is no immediate time pressure for Shopware 6 users.

Still, you should update your code, pipelines, and whatever sends requests to the then-old repository, promptly. This prevents any future surprises.

We at Shopware will also iteratively change all documentation and links to the repository. This can only be done iteratively after the switch is made, because doing it before the switch would lead to all requests pointing to an invalid location. In this case the Shopware 5 repository instead of the expected 404. Why that is, is explained further in the next paragraph. So do not expect to see everything updated to the new repository on our side at once.

What could potentially break?

This is especially important for Shopware 5 users, who have not yet updated their repository links.

Why? The repository for Shopware 5 originally was and was moved to a new org, it is now:

If you as a Shopware 5 user did not update your code, pipelines, and everything sending requests to shopware/shopware to use shopware5/shopware, you are using a redirect. This redirect will break now. Moving Shopware 6 to shopware/shopware means that the old redirect is gone and now you will be getting the Shopware 6 sources instead. Double-check that you are using!

For people who are using Shopware 6, things can potentially break if your software sending requests to shopware/shopware is not able or configured to follow redirects. This is an unlikely scenario.

When does the change happen?

The change is planned for October 9th, 2023. There might be a change of plans if anything unforeseen happens. In this case, we will update the date here and send updates in Slack, so make sure you stop by.

Why do we make this change?

The current situation is confusing to new members of the community. Changing the repository to reflect the name of the software brings better discoverability. The current naming is the result of the switch from Shopware 5 to 6, and it's time to take the last step and bring Shopware 6 home. This change is also significant for b2b ecommerce software users who rely on Shopware, as it ensures a more streamlined and intuitive platform experience, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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