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Shopware product feedback: We are launching a new portal

Shopware product feedback: We are launching a new portal

Your opinion matters! That's why Shopware is launching its own portal for your feedback and ideas about Shopware 6. In this post, you'll learn how the portal works, its benefits, and how you can contribute to the development of Shopware 6.

Shopware's new feedback portal: A central hub for your input 

With the new Shopware feedback portal, our primary goal is to create a user-friendly platform for your valuable input. Open source platforms like Shopware are based on a collaborative culture, meaning our ecommerce solution is entirely open to all your feedback regarding issues, ideas, solutions, and use cases related to our product. This way, you can help determine which functions and solutions are implemented in Shopware 6. 

Your feedback makes a difference 

We’ve already integrated user feedback into the product. For example, features like multi-inventory and digital products were developed based on proposals from the community. The same goes for features like returns management and Subscriptions, which are currently being developed or released soon. 

One collection point, numerous ideas 

The new feedback portal aims to serve as a central collection point for all suggestions from the community. In addition, the user-friendliness of the portal is a top priority for us so that you can share your feedback quickly and easily. This is the only way to better understand your needs and desires and improve our products and services accordingly. 

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Benefits of the new feedback portal 

For our new feedback portal, we've chosen the UserVoice platform. It offers a variety of functions that make it easier for us to collect and organize feedback from various sources to gain a comprehensive overview of your needs and desires. 

UserVoice's idea boards and knowledge databases allow us to organize and prioritize feedback by topic to ensure that we address the most important requests and that no feedback is lost. 

Additionally, we can communicate directly with the idea generators and involve them in the development process. For example, if you suggest an idea, we can discuss it with you and ensure we understand your requirements and suggestions correctly. We also notify all feedback providers when we review their proposals, work on them, and release new features based on their feedback. This way, we increase the transparency of our product development. 

How Does the Portal Work? 

  1. Log-in/Registration: After registering, you can share your expertise with us immediately on our website feedback.shopware.com. You can either register via email or log in to your existing Shopware account. 

  2. Evaluation and voting on product feedback: Now, you can search for existing ideas and feedback that match your case and give them a vote, a comment, or a priority. If there is yet to be suitable feedback, you can easily create a new idea. Just enter a title and a brief description and select an appropriate category from the dropdown list. Optionally, you can also add screenshots or further links. 

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  3. Review of your product feedback: After the product teams have reviewed your feedback within 24-48 hours, it will be published on the portal. Then everyone can read, vote or comment on your feedback. 

  4. Implementation of your product feedback: Our product teams continuously review and analyze feedback to identify trends and prioritize suggestions that will benefit our customers the most. We can incorporate simple improvement suggestions directly into the product, but more complex feedback may take a little more time. Nevertheless, we always try to implement your creative ideas quickly and according to your proposal. Of course, we also consider the number of votes, relevance to the entire community, and our product strategy so that the final implementation may differ from your suggestion. 

What is the new feedback portal from Shopware not suitable for? 

We want to provide you with a creative space for your qualitative product feedback. However, please note that the Feedback Portal is not suitable for the following types of requests: 

  • Bug reports 

  • Support requests 

  • Personal information and login data 

  • Complaints 

  • Unconstructive arguments 

  • Long discussions 

 If you want to share bugs or other error reports with us, you can still use Shopware's issue tracker. You can also continue to use resources such as Git merge requests for relevant issues. And if you need help or want to engage in discussions with the community, check out the Shopware community forum or our Slack channel

Please note ⚠️
Our Slack channel and forum are usually buzzing with activity, so your valuable product feedback can quickly get lost here. We highly encourage you to use the feedback portal to ensure that your ideas are seen and heard by our team.

As an international platform, please write your feedback and comments in English so that our global community can benefit from your insights. Together we grow! 🚀 

The expansion of the feedback portal is already in the planning 

In the future, we will work to continuously improve the Shopware feedback portal and develop further possibilities with UserVoice to increase the relevance of the portal. 

We look forward to your product feedback! 

Only through open exchange with our community can Shopware grow as a product and company. Thank you for your feedback, constructive criticism, and trust in our ecommerce solution! 💙 


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