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Shopware Publisher: work even more professionally on Shopping Experiences with the CMS extension

Shopware Publisher: work even more professionally on Shopping Experiences with the CMS extension

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Shopware Publisher is a new feature and it is available free of charge in the Shopware 6.4 Enterprise Edition and above. In this blog article, we explain how Publisher extends the CMS features, which new options there are when creating Shopping Experiences, and how everyday work is simplified with regard to workflows and collaborative project work now and in the future.

Shopware Shopping Experiences – the CMS for storytelling, branding and emotions

Emotional shopping is a driving factor when it comes to winning over customers to your online shop, brand and products. For shop operators, it is all the more important to bring together content and commerce. Shopware Shopping Experiences are therefore a core element of Shopware 6 and a further development of the Shopping Worlds which proved extremely popular in Shopware 5.

The underlying fundamental principle of Shopware’s content management system is usability. Elements can be moved around on the work platform using drag and drop. Predefined layouts, a clear navigator to help with orientation, and practical data mapping support the development process. Whether it is a service, category, product or landing page: any number of employees are able to contribute to creating their own individual layouts and attractive, responsive Shopping Experiences, without the need for any knowledge of programming or design.

Working collaboratively with the CMS

In big companies, in particular, it is common practice for a large number of employees to be involved in the creation process, further development and maintenance of the Shopping Experiences and their content. A variety of departments therefore work together, for example Sales, Design and Marketing. And all these departments have their own established processes and workflows, which need to converge for large collaborative projects. Experience shows that a substantial proportion of the working hours of all those involved is taken up with the organisation, communication and clarification of the respective responsibilities. We developed the Publisher to simplify the process of collaborative working.

A wide range of employees and departments work together on projects.

Now available in Enterprise Edition: Shopware Publisher

To make collaborative work more professional, we are extending the practical features of Shopware CMS in the Enterprise Edition. Initially, the Publisher is released with Shopware 6.4 in its first iteration and thereby includes a draft feature and an activity feed. In future iterations, further features will then be included: from fixed workflow with clear approval processes and authorisations to the flexible Flow Builder, which can be adapted to individual corporate and working processes.


This feature makes it possible to edit existing live pages and save them as a new draft. Modifications can then be made, which do not have to go live on the storefront at that stage. This is particularly practical if modification requirements are still being drafted and they still have to be adapted, checked or completed – perhaps by other people. Drafts are also practical if the changes are only meant to go live at a particular time, for example when a promotion is launched. These can therefore be worked on in advance and then looked at and evaluated by clicking the preview button in storefront view.
Several drafts can be created overall. A number of people can also work on a draft.

In the overview, a small draft emblem at the top left indicates which layouts are drafts. Users can also display all layouts which are still in draft mode under “Drafts”.

Activity feed

With the activity overview, users can benefit from Shopware’s characteristic versioning system. If a user is in editing mode for an Experience World, they can now look at the activity feed on the right. This displays which modifications have been made by which users and when.

What else is being developed? Initial information on the Flow Builder

With the Publisher feature, a fixed workflow is being implemented for Shopping Experiences, which serves as the basis for the new Flow Builder. A workflow will then no longer only be created in the process from draft to live version, but it will be able to show several statuses. It is also planned for these to be linked to authorisations, i.e.: authorisation processes can be set via the access authorisation settings. For example, this may be set up for employees in the Marketing team to create and edit drafts which can then only be published by the Marketing directors. However, we currently envisage that far more complex authorisation processes can be depicted with Flow Builder. Besides fixed workflows, it should be possible to specify user-defined workflows. Multi-layered structures can also be reproduced with Shopware, and these can be specifically adjusted for each company. The Flow Builder will be completed in a further iteration which is expected to be released in autumn 2021.

Conclusion: the Publisher features simplify everyday work

The Shopware Publisher is exclusively available in Shopware Enterprise Edition from 6.4 onwards. In the current iteration, drafts and the activity feed simplify everyday work when it comes to editing and publishing Shopping Experiences – particularly in collaborative projects. In the future, this aspect will be complemented by Flow Builder, which will enable user-defined workflows. This is due to be released in autumn 2021.

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Further information on installing and working with the Publisher features is available in the Shopware documentation and in the following video.

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