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Shopware support on Stack Overflow

Shopware support on Stack Overflow

Currently, many questions are asked in the community slack, and you are fantastic at answering them. Also, many questions are asked repeatedly because the answers are lost in time and space.

We want to change that. We want to put Stack Overflow in the center of attention when it comes to asking questions, answering questions, and building knowledge about Shopware outside of the documentation. Slack is an excellent tool for connecting with each other, but not so great as a knowledge base.

Right now, there is a hen-and-egg problem: There are not many Shopware-related questions on Stack Overflow, so people ask on Slack. Because of that, there are not many Shopware-related questions on Stack Overflow. To change this, Shopware employees will dedicate the next two months, July and August 2022, to answering questions on Stack Overflow.

The Gist:

In July and August 2022, the Shopware team will answer your questions on Stack Overflow.

We will do this daily and as much as possible – as you may know, we also have a software project to take care of. Still, we will do our best to give this the push it deserves and encourage you to follow along.

How can you help?

  • Ask your questions on Stack Overflow
  • Give answers on Stack Overflow
  • Encourage others in Slack to also use Stack Overflow

Why should you care?

Apart from making a name for yourself and getting recognized by the community and the Shopware team, you also help preserve knowledge for the future.

More importantly, you help the community make using Stack Overflow a habit. Once it becomes a habit, at some point, we will get our own Stack Exchange, generating even more content.

All that will build a community-created knowledge base that is searchable, permanent, open and inclusive.

So grab your keyboard and use it as a light-bringer in the fight against the darkness of disappearing knowledge. Or just be a part of something that helps us as a community have a better time working with

Shopware. Even if you reading this are “just one person”, you are the one person who makes a difference.

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