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Shopware Tech Trends #01

Shopware Tech Trends #01

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Tech Trends #01

1. Recent blogposts

Shopware  5 SEO in short by Contentkingapp 

Shopwarer 6 product exports by Niels Heilemann (German Post)

Shopware 6 Icon Set by Niels Heilemann (German Post)

2. Recent plugins

Shopware 6 map element plugin by Christopher Dosin

Shopware plugin to set an image or color as a shop background by Alexander Schmidt

3. Recent videos

Exploring PWA for Shopware by Sander Mangel 

How to install Shopware-PWA with Shopware 6 by Dominic Klein

Shopware PWA Updates by Vue Storefront

4. Recent podcasts

Shopware unplugged #2 - To SW6 or not to SW6, that is the question... by Borys Skraba and Tomas Hesseling 

SaaS im eCommerce - Der Shopware Dev Evangelist im Interview by shopcast.fm (German Post)

Shopware unplugged #3 - Chances for e-commerce business during times of crisis by Borys Skraba and Tomas Hesseling 

COVID19 und was es mit dem eCommerce macht by Carmen Bremen und Rico Neitzel (German Post)


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