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Shopware TV is live!

Shopware TV is live!

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Shopware TV is your backstage pass into the future-oriented world of Shopware. Stream entertaining, inspiring and informative video content. Get exclusive insights and widen your horizon. Find out more in this blogpost!

If you’ve been part of the Shopware universe for a while, you know that we like doing things differently. We push boundaries, venture into new territory, and move the needle forward in the ever-evolving space of digital commerce. Of course, Shopware TV is no exception.

What is Shopware TV?

Shopware TV is your one-of-a-kind ecommerce infotainment platform, offering insights and inspiration from the Shopware universe and beyond.

The streaming platform presents business matters in a light and entertaining way. With Shopware TV, you get ecommerce knowledge and technical know-how wrapped up in short, snappy and high-quality video content.

“People who aren’t familiar with Shopware might think we’re solely an ecommerce company. And of course, they’d be right about that. But there’s more to the story”, says Sebastian Hamann, CEO and founder of shopware AG, in the opening scene of New Kid In Town.

This statement describes Shopware’s philosophy well and also explains the decision to launch Shopware TV – another brave and pioneering company move. “We always think outside the box and surprise our community with unusual campaigns, just like we did with Shopware 5 a few years ago. It was the release we promoted with its own motion picture and an accompanying cinema tour. It was brilliant”, says Hamann. 

And now, stepping into the footsteps of Shopware 5 but taking the concept further, a lot further, we’re launching Shopware TV – the streaming platform that goes far beyond the promotion of any particular software product. Instead, Shopware TV takes a much more comprehensive view on ecommerce, highlighting the importance, and the power, of our open commerce community.

Shopware TV: The next-level user experience!

Kicking off Shopware TV are our first two series’: New Kid In Town and {DEV}initely Shopware.

New Kid In Town is all about Shopware as a company: The founders, the employees, and the open community. Find out how the family-run business is quickly becoming THE global player to watch out for, growing at an almost impossible speed, despite (or maybe because of?) the most challenging times the world is facing right now.

Video Series 1: New Kid In Town

Get up close with Stefan and Sebastian Hamann, the founders of Shopware and their revolutionary open approach to ecommerce.

You’ll hear about the mind-blowing beginnings of Shopware, and what it was like to set up business and be entrepreneurs at the sweet age of 16, somewhere in an unknown village in Germany. How do the brothers keep evolving, innovating and shaping the future of ecommerce – and yet always remaining unshakable in their vision of putting humans front and center?


To this day, their passion for ecommerce and their vision hasn’t changed, even through the most explosive times (yes corona, we’re looking at you). But this story isn’t just about tech or business or inspiring leadership. It’s about the community, it’s about you.

This story is about your freedom to innovate and grow

With New Kid In Town we’re looking into the future of ecommerce, discussing mega trends with top-level experts and what it is that consumers really want right now – crucial information if you want to build a sustainable, thriving ecommerce business, right? New Kid In Town is a truly inspiring as well as informative video series you don’t want to miss.

But wait, there’s even more – Shopware TV isn’t stopping there!

Video Series 2: {DEV}initely Shopware

Simultaneously, the platform sees the launch of {DEV}initely Shopware – an equally informative and entertaining series for developers and anyone interested in “the world behind the code”.

Although here, we’re doing a deep dive into technical matters, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by your host Niklas Dzösch. As Shopware’s Developer Evangelist he’s a true insider, and a true character, sharing useful tech knowledge with his unique sense of humour. We don’t know how he does it, but Niklas can turn even the most complex topics into entertaining bites of goodness. So if technical and technological matters are your thing, {DEV}initely Shopware is for you.

Expect an illuminative spectrum of topics all around ecommerce as we take you behind the scenes of Shopware

Starting with categories such as "Tech Detail", "Company Insights" and "Transparency", you’ll find varied and informative video content, all wrapped up in the most charming way by your host Niklas.


And there's so much more to come on Shopware TV!

We're already working on the next series and filming will commence soon. We don’t want to reveal anything yet, but you can be certain that we’ll be offering you another set of extremely valuable content. Subscribe to our newsletter, and you’ll be the first to hear about the latest happenings on Shopware TV.

And now, turn off Netflix and tune into Shopware TV! Because here, you’re not just getting useful insights that’ll spark new ideas and take your business further, you’ll also be entertained in the most rewarding way.

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