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Shopware TV: Your update

Shopware TV: Your update

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It is hard to believe, but our infotainment platform Shopware TV has been offering unique insights into the world of Shopware for almost six months now. Plenty has happened during this period but one thing has become clear in the last few months: Shopware TV is a complete success. In this blog article, we would like to give you an update on what has been happening on Shopware TV so far. But that’s not all. At the start of the month, the first episode of our new series “Spotlight” finally went live. Find out more about it in this blog post.

The story so far… 

With Shopware TV, we set ourselves the objective of giving ecommerce enthusiasts unique and inspiring insights into the world of Shopware. With both the series published on the infotainment platform so far, we have definitely achieved our goal and we are delighted that you are still on board! 

On Shopware TV, you can meet the visionary founders of Shopware at close quarters in the series “New Kid in Town”. In the programme you find out more about how they succeeded in setting up an internationally successful tech company while they were still young. Developers and tech enthusiasts will appreciate the series “{DEV}initely”. However, other people who are interested will also find out more about the world behind code here. In addition, selected content from this year’s SCD is also available online for the first time on Shopware TV. You can therefore stream the exciting key notes from home at any time.

Spotlight – be inspired!

In our new “Spotlight” series, not only do we place the focus on Shopware but also on the people behind the unique brands and online shops. However, we do not want to tell you again about the usual success stories that you already know. No, we would like to take you down the rocky road with all its challenges on the way to success. Experience the fascinating stories behind the brands up close, and let yourself be inspired for your own personal success story. The first episode of Spotlight tells the story of Peter Bauer, the most successful German snowboarder. Are you wondering what the snowboarding legend has to do with ecommerce? Find out now on Shopware TV!

Stream the first episode of our new series here and find out all about Peter Bauer’s ecommerce business and his journey from professional sportsman to entrepreneur, including all the hurdles he had to negotiate along the way.

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The fifth episode of our series {DEV}initely went online today – wow! In our new episode, you will find out all about the stumbling blocks of app development. Find out how you can overcome these obstacles along with Ryan, a young developer whose Shopware app is not working. Niklas takes Ryan through the entire process of app development for Shopware step-by-step, and shows you everything you need to take into account. So if you want to try your hand at an app for Shopware or if your app isn’t working, just like Ryan’s, this episode is not to be missed.

Zu “How to App“

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