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Springlane goes Shopware 6 – what the online retailer plans for the future

Springlane goes Shopware 6 – what the online retailer plans for the future

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At this year’s Shopware Community Day, Springlane unveiled their vision for their innovative online shop – in which major tech trends like IoT come into play. Today we want to present to what extent Shopware has had a role in the retailer’s online presence and which projects the company looks forward to tackling with Shopware 6 in the future.

Own products in the spotlight

Founded in 2012, Springlane sells kitchen appliances, grills, cooking accessories and books online. Recently the company started concentrating on selling products under their own brands and offering original content. “From foodies for foodies” is the guiding philosophy – an enthusiasm that is carried over into their own test kitchen, where they develop recipes and share tips and creations with fans; a model works exceptionally well on inspiration-driven social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. But the online shop is also enriched with valuable content - whether in their online magazine or in main page categories such as “Cooking knowledge” (Kochwissen) and “Recipe ideas” (Rezeptideen).

Relaunch with Shopware 5

Due to strategic changes, in 2018 the company decided to relaunch their online shop with Shopware 5 as the software basis. One of the determining factors for the switch came down to a better integration of content and commerce to strengthen their own brand. With Shopware’s Shopping Worlds feature, the company found the perfect tool for seamlessly linking valuable content – e.g. recipe ideas – into the product and category pages. Another major advantage of the relaunch: Employees are now able to adapt individual pages without investing a great deal of effort, and can do so without any development knowledge.

Curious to know more about their relaunch? You can delve into the project specifics in our case study. It's already clear: The relaunch was only the first step in a trend-setting direction with Shopware.

Future plans with Shopware 6

At the Shopware Community Day Springlane made one thing clear: Companies have to be flexible if they want to stay relevant in the long run. As a pure player confronted with massive competitors like Amazon, Springlane is even more so determined to adapt quickly to new trends, technologies and changes in the market – and meet the evolving shopping preferences of their customer base.

So how exactly will Springlane approach this challenge? For one, they plan on strengthening their USPs in the future. This means combining content and commerce to provide customers and users with an entertaining and emotional shopping experience. But there are also plans to improve this experience across devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one promising trend that offers companies an opportunity for rapid growth, as seen in the numbers: By 2020, an average of 26 networked devices will be connected to one person. Springlane already wants to prepare itself for these developments and plans to increasingly have a presence in the everyday life of their customers through various channels.

Cynthia Mattingly tells us more about this in an interview. She works at Springlane as Lead Developer and answered some questions about the future of Springlane at the SCD19:

Networked devices and a practical app

Springlane is already working on products that can be connected to an app. Using the app, users can then control their Springlane ice cream machine and move freely around the house. The app is also linked to the central shop system so that all data, filters and settings are synchronised. For example, vegan recipes are globally output on every device as soon as the customer has defined this setting once. Further connections are planned: Instagram integrations offer inspiration and invite users to share their own recipe photos, and ingredients required for recipes on the shopping list can be transferred directly to a food delivery service.

A technology for flexible solutions

Various contact points, connections with all sales channels and automatic synchronisation - Shopware 6 makes it possible. Thanks to the API-first approach, Springlane can control everything from a central database; they can integrate filters from the shop into the app, synchronise customer profiles and exchange information, with Shopware acting as the central point for data maintenance. Thanks to the new Shopping Experiences feature – which is continuation of Shopping Worlds – Springlane can display individual content and products on any number of end devices. Shopware 6 offers innovative companies like Springlane exactly the freedom they need to grow today and in the future.

Watch Springlane's full presentation at the Shopware Community Day:



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