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Studio1® and their success story with Shopware Cloud

Studio1® and their success story with Shopware Cloud

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Having already presented two success stories in our blog post series "Shopware partner cloud success stories", we would like to inspire you with another exciting case today. This week you will get exciting insights into the project implementation of Shopware's partner agency Studio1® and learn why the agency will also rely on Shopware Cloud for other projects.  

With Shopware Cloud, we present you with a future-oriented and efficient solution that offers you the opportunity to expand your customer base. Join our partner agencies in their exciting project implementation and be inspired by their experiences with Shopware Cloud.

The project’s challenges 

Many companies approach our partner agencies every day with different business ideas and need support for their ecommerce presence. The expectations for their own online shop are usually very individual and their ambitions are not exactly low. Markus Siebert, Head of Digital Marketing and ecommerce at Studio1®, sums up the problem aptly:   

"Low budget, big dreams." 

When the young founder began the project with Studio1®, she was just starting to build up her business and was looking for an easy-to-implement and tradable solution. Studio1® was therefore faced with the challenge of building a professional framework for the client's entry into the world of ecommerce, meeting all her individual requirements and at the same time staying within the client's existing budget.  

We would like to show you shortly how Studio1® was able to overcome this challenge. But first, we want to introduce you to Shopware's partner agency Studio1® and the company that this success story is about.  

Shopware's partner agency Studio1®  

Studio1® is a full-service agency that has been accompanying companies on their way to the digital transformation of their business and communication processes for over 30 years. From web design to apps or data modeling, the Studio1® team implements projects of all sizes and serves both B2B and B2C companies.  

One focus of the agency is the programming of standard and individual solutions in the area of websites, online stores, and database solutions. For online store programming, the company relies on Shopware's innovative ecommerce solutions.  


The Studio1® project: Haasi's entry into the world of ecommerce  

This third success story is about the project implementation of Studio1® together with the fashion brand Haasi-Clothing. This is a handmade shop with clothing for babies and children, as well as toys and other personalized baby items. With lovingly tailored unique pieces, the online store stands out from the competition and impresses with its timeless designs. The 30-year-old founder Lisa Haase is herself a mother of two children and is fulfilling a lifelong dream with her own business.  


Within just three weeks, Studio1® was ultimately able to fulfill this lifelong dream with Shopware 6. In total, the entire online store was implemented in only eight project days. How was it possible to realize the young founder's lifelong dream so quickly? We'll tell you now. If you would like to learn more about Lisa and her entry into the world of ecommerce, please take a look here:  

To the interview with Lisa Haase

Unlock your growth together with Shopware Cloud  

Highly motivated, founder Lisa Haase stood at the starting block with her great business idea. So she quickly needed a professional online store that could meet both her budget and her individual requirements. Studio1® also recognized the potential of Lisa Haase's business idea and accordingly looked for a highly customizable and individualizable ecommerce solution.  

"When you are just starting out, who knows where the road will lead you? Maybe someday into really big business?" – says Markus Siebert.  

The agency wanted to be prepared in any case – nothing should stand in the way of their shared growth. A high degree of flexibility and scalability, therefore, played a key role in the agency's decision-making process for a shop system. Shopware 6 was able to meet these requirements in full and so continues to represent the optimal ecommerce solution for Studio1®'s customers in the future.  

"As conditions change, you can switch to a self-hosted Shopware version with more functionality and a higher degree of customizability with manageable effort" – says Markus Siebert.   

Further advantages of Shopware Cloud for Studio1® and Haasi  

It wasn't just the high flexibility and scalability of the Shopware Cloud that impressed Studio1®, but also the fact that the project was able to be implemented quickly. Shopware Cloud was the optimal choice for a fast time-to-market implementation of Studio1®'s project, allowing Haasi's online store to go live in the shortest possible time.   

In addition, expensive hosting fees are not an issue with Shopware Cloud. Hosting as well as maintenance and software updates are included in Shopware Cloud. Shopware handles both administration and infrastructure. Apart from the costs for the Shopware plan in the cloud, which is available at a monthly rental price, there are no further costs for hosting.  

The attractive pricing model benefits both the customer and Shopware's partner agency itself. Furthermore, Haasi is not only supported by Studio1® in the area of ecommerce, but also in the context of professional product marketing.   

So Studio1® was able to quickly and easily offer the customer a certain standard with Shopware Cloud – a framework that is ideally suited to creating an online store. And even if the customer eventually needs more customizability or further developmental adjustments due to rapid growth, Studio1® can respond accordingly:   

"And if requirements for the system change, then we are there and can implement additional features and customizations with relatively little effort" – says Markus Siebert.    

A look ahead  

In the future, Studio1® will continue to rely on the possibilities of Shopware Cloud in order to be able to support a wide variety of projects with individual requirements quickly and easily.    

In addition, Studio1® not only accompanies its customers on a technical level with Shopware, but the full-service agency is usually also active in an advisory capacity for its customers in marketing matters over very long periods of time. This allows the agency to generate downstream revenue by continuing to support product marketing even after the online store has gone live.     

"Nothing stands in the way of successful product marketing – both with the cloud version and, prospectively, with a later self-hosted version" – says Markus Siebert.   

Conclusion of the project   

In the end, the expectations of the founder Lisa Haase were fully met. According to Studio1®, the interaction between Shopware, the payment service provider Mollie and the shipping service provider sendcloud also worked very well to create a solid foundation. Accordingly, the agency had a very positive experience with the cloud version of Shopware 6.    

With Shopware, you get innovative ecommerce solutions that adapt to your customers' business models. So not only can you and your customers grow with Shopware Cloud, but you can surpass yourselves together!   


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