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Ten tips for a successful project relaunch

Ten tips for a successful project relaunch

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What are the most important things to consider when relaunching your online shop? For answers, look no further than Peter Bauer, who recently relaunched the online shops of his two well-established brands – Amplid and Pally’Hi. The following checklist provides you with an all-encompassed outline of which steps should be followed for any major relaunch project:

Relaunch checklist:

1. No time pressure!

During a webshop relaunch, unexpected problems will always arise – you don’t need the extra pressure from not having enough time to find solutions. Be extra forgiving when it comes to time, because when it comes to a relaunch, you have to expect the unexpected will take place at one place or another.

2. Planning ahead

Golden rule: planning well ahead saves you considerable money – subsequent changes are always associated with extra costs.

3. Shopware partner

For any projects with special requirements, I highly recommend working with a Shopware partner. These are certified and experienced agencies who know the best practices when it comes to building custom projects with Shopware.

To the Shopware Partner

4. System theory

During the initial planning period, it’s also important to define a bit of “system theory”:

  • What should the shop be able to do?
  • Which functions are required to realize your goals?
  • What data must be exchanged between the ERP system and shop system?
  • What data should be migrated from the old shop system?

5. Aesthetics

Of course, certain aesthetic requirements have to be met. In the first step, ideas can be very easily collected using just pen and paper.

  • What are the current trends (for both usability and visuals)? Take a look at what the competition is doing and collect links and screenshots.
  • How can you maintain your corporate identity or brand elements?
  • How do you want to go about creating your brand experience?
  • Is your product offering intensely diverse? How can you make sure the customer is connected with the right product? Remember: returns cost you money!

6. Product sheet

After collecting all of your ideas, I recommend transferring all of your requirements to an Excel sheet, which I called my “Product sheet”. Here you can note who is responsible for each topic, which ensures nothing is overlooked.

7. Dropbox

Using Dropbox made it supremely easy to collect everything in one central place. It’s best to create separate folders for each subtopic: i.e. master data, checkout, emails, images, etc.

8. ERP and accounting

Map out which system will be responsible for the customer data, orders, product master data, etc. Do you want everything stored in Shopware or rather pieces of data in your ERP? Be sure to check whether an interface to your current ERP system already exists with Shopware.

9. Payment systems

Consider which payment methods your customers traditionally use: PayPal, credit card, through an account, etc. It’s smart to offer your customers several vendors, and – if you operate internationally – the payment options they use most. It’s best to choose a plugin that already exists for Shopware, as this saves you considerable time and work.

To the Payment Plugins

10. Cold beer

Perhaps the most celebrated step of the relaunch process: finally toasting to a job well done!

About Peter Bauer

Peter Bauer is a multiple World Cup winner in Europe and worldwide for snowboarding and has turned his passion into his profession. Peter is the founder and CEO of the successful board sports brand, Amplid, and Merino apparel brand, Pally’Hi. In addition to classic B2B and sports trade, Peter operates online shops for both brands using Shopware and sells to international end-users.


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