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The art of good storytelling with Shopware 6

The art of good storytelling with Shopware 6

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It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. Wrapped up in a captivating story, content can convey far more than mere facts and figures. By adding emotions into the mix, an inspiring story ensures your key messages linger long in the memory.

This is something that’s already understood by lots of companies, including the German gin producer Juniper Jack. It uses storytelling to describe how the company came about, for example, or to reveal how it manufactures its products. As a result, its products come across as really exciting and appealing. So, how does successful storytelling work? Shopware’s partner agency Webneo reveals all in this blog post!


Why storytelling is more than just a catchup over coffee

Storytelling is more than simply spinning a good yarn. In marketing, especially, stories are used as a stylistic device to present companies and their products in the best possible light. A moving story will affect people emotionally and encourage reflection. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, especially in today’s world of information and advertising overload. In the competing cacophony of content, the key is to stick in the mind of the discerning public.

Shopware 6 has a solution for boiling information down into a compelling story to keep the attention of the listener or reader. But we’ll come back to that! First, let’s focus on what makes for successful storytelling.


The five things that set a successful story apart

Below, we outline what a good story should be able to do.

1. Spark real emotions

Any story worth its salt will inspire an emotional reaction. It might astonish the audience, make it happy or trigger a wow effect. The key thing is to follow the classic storytelling arc outlined by Aristotle, whereby the action rises to a climax, which is followed by the falling action and denouement, until the conflict is eventually resolved. In the thick of it all is an inspirational hero with whom the target group can identify.


2. Ooze authenticity

By all means, pull on people’s heartstrings and tickle their ribs but, above all, be real! The advertising messages you include in your stories must always be sincere and relevant to both your business and your target group. Storytelling works best in combination with subtle messages whose content the audience needs to figure out for itself. Not only is this a nice way of telling a story, it also ensures it sticks in the minds of the listeners, who can then shape the story.

3. Big up what’s best about your business

Storytelling should always refer to your products and expertise. For example, you could cast products in the story as helpers or heroes and use a group of people to represent the company. Commenting on the company’s values, what makes your products or services so amazing, or the hard work that goes on behind the scenes are also surefire ways to make a story stick.

4. Know your target group

A good story also needs interested listeners or readers. Only when the audience is able to recognize itself in your story can you tap into its emotions. This is why it’s so important to know the values and expectations of your particular target group. Make sure you have a clearly defined storytelling goal and message, so that you can speak to your listeners in a more targeted way.

As Pixar legend John Lasseter says: “If you create characters people connect with and tell stories that deeply entertain and move them, the audience will come.”


5. Be creative

Creativity is another core ingredient of successful storytelling. Clever use of images, text and video will help enormously here. Search engine-optimized videos, especially, are a fantastic way to help get a story out there and generate increased traffic. Quotes, too, can really enhance your texts. And when it comes to producing stories in video and text form, color settings and resolution are also important technical considerations.


Shopware 6 storytelling the Juniper Jack way

Shopware 6 already offers various options for incorporating__ storytelling elements__ into your online shop to allow you to communicate about your brand in a way that brings it and your business to life and makes them stand out from the crowd.

The renowned gin producer Juniper Jack provides a successful example of how these can be used. The company’s lighthearted approach to storytelling really gets across how passionate it is about its products. Visitors to its website are positively captivated by not only the high-quality product photography but also the many enthralling product stories featured throughout the site. The visual imagery conjured up by the stories also emphasizes the tradition and quality that set Juniper Jack gin apart.


All of this is achieved in Shopware 6 with just a few smart and simple story elements. For example, with standardized Shopping Experiences, you can take visitors on an exciting journey through your product universe, guided every step of the way by a captivating story. Sideview elements, whereby more details about a product in an image are delivered by clicking on that image, ensure exceptional usability. Then there are Quickviews – a storytelling feature offered by Shopware 6 to ensure an even more inspiring shopping experience for visitors by enabling them to access further useful information about a product with just one click.


The Shopware 6 Quickview feature allows a product view directly in the listing, meaning your customer doesn't even have to leave the listing to get a detailed overview of the product. 

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Shopware 6 storytelling in a nutshell

The art of storytelling lies in relating a moving story in such a way that it stays in the memory. Shopware 6 provides you with practical, integrated tools to offer impressive shopping experiences and landing pages and showcase unique content. The most important thing is that the accompanying story is sufficiently engaging and inspiring to present your company in its most authentic light.

It can take a while to prepare all the texts, images and videos you need for a compelling story, but you can easily factor in all of these elements right from the start with Shopware 6. Build your personal storytelling concept with Shopware 6 and get truly creative with your online store or website!


About the author: Webneo

Webneo is a web agency based in Dresden, specializing in B2B, B2C, ecommerce strategy, third-party integration, design, performance marketing, migration and technical support.

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