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The power of a community – a “thank you” post

The power of a community – a “thank you” post

There are times when Shopware depends on you, the community. Change is something that often cannot come from one side alone, and change is needed badly in how the transfer and preservation of knowledge in the Shopware Community is handled.

What is the challenge?

A lot of communication and with that, transfer of knowledge happens in the Community Slack. And at nearly the same pace as it is transferred, it also disappears. The reason is that Slack is on a free plan, meaning the message retention is limited. Pair that with how many people chat, and you get a truly short history.

We asked, and you delivered

Stack Overflow (SO) is so ingrained in the development community there are even jokes about SDD, Stack Overflow Driven Development. Also, the knowledge that is shared is, at least until now, persistent. Our request for you was simple: "Please use SO for questions, and please answer questions on SO if you can".

And oh boy, did you deliver. Have some numbers.


Source: https://stack.fos.gg/d/rh_C7H6nk/stackoverflow?orgId=1

Of course, when we stop nagging you, your attention is pulled to other things, but that spike in activity is very much your achievement, and we are very thankful for that.

A special thanks go out to these two individuals: Paweł Napierała and Alex who both showed a tremendous amount of effort in answering questions and thus helping to make helping to make Stack Overflow a home for Shopware knowledge.

Where to go from here

That spike was what we needed to make sure of: It is possible to make Shopware knowledge more visible by using Stack Overflow. Up until now, there are 1170 Shopware questions, and precisely 400 unique users answering them. That is awesome! Thank you.

Now, let us try and keep a sustainable pace. We will remind you of a few events and nag you in slack, do not worry. Just keep your open mind and wonderful spirit.

Speaking of nagging: Soon™ we will bring you a little video format called “check the stack”, where we will be giving you a quick overview of what is happening. Also, we will use the format to highlight funny or noteworthy answers or individuals. Stay tuned!

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