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Webinar Week – Scaling Your Business

Webinar Week – Scaling Your Business

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For the first time, Shopware is offering a webinar week! That means you can expect a webinar every day for a week. The theme this time is: Business scaling. In this article, you will find out why this topic is so important for you, the webinars you can expect and how you can register for free.


  1. 1.  Scaling – what does it actually mean?
  2. 2.  May we introduce: Hannah
  3. 3.  Shopware webinar week: the theme "Scaling your business"
  4. 4. The program for our webinar week on the topic of "Scaling your business"

Webinar 105. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: Xentral (German)
Webinar 2 – 06. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: PayPal (German)
Webinar 3 – 07. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: Brickfox (German) 
Webinar 4 – 13. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: DHL (German) 
Webinar 5 12. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: Firebear Studio (English)

  1. 5. Register now for our webinar week!

Scaling – what does it actually mean?

In general, "scaling" describes the change in size of an object – the word is therefore often used in connection with graphics, for example when it comes to scalable vector graphics. Companies can also be scaled – but it's a bit more complicated. To be scalable, a company and all its processes must be prepared for future growth – basically, the entire business model underlying the company should be scalable. Scalability of a business model happens when growth is possible without significant additional expenditure. So if you have a company where demand is growing rapidly, for example after internationalization, you can expand by __scaling __and continue to meet the high demand. If, on the other hand, your business model is not scalable, you will not be able to grow to meet the increasing demand and will lose potential revenue. To illustrate why you too should scale your business, we would like to introduce you to someone...

Don't feel like reading? Jump directly to the webinar content to get an overview of the program.

May we introduce: Hannah

Hannah has been dreaming of her own online store since she was a student. Her business idea: seamless socks. After graduating successfully, she set up her own online store using her savings. High quality, no annoying seams at the toes, and "Made in Europe". Hannah knows exactly what her USPs are and already made contacts with manufacturers during her studies. Her online store has got off to a great start. Seamless socks are especially popular with sportspeople and orders are quickly reaching a consistent level. 

Hannah's concept works! Her socks are very popular and the number of orders keeps increasing. Word has spread, even outside the sports scene, that Hannah's socks keep their promise. In a brainstorming session, Hannah and her colleagues develop ambitious goals. More sales channels are to be connected, more flexible payment methods integrated and the shipping service provider contract optimized. Hannah already suspects that scaling up cannot work without a solid foundation for all her data. 

But more orders also mean more work for Hannah and her staff. Daily business now takes up most of the day. There is hardly any time left to look for new sock models or to keep customer communication at the usual and desired high level. Hannah's business is now all about the everyday tasks.

Something has to happen. Remembering the topic of optimizing processes and scaling a company led her to look at the possibilities for her own company. What software can help her and her staff to manage their daily workload more effectively and efficiently? Which factors can be optimized in the online store? Does the shipping service provider have ways to help with scaling?

Hannah reads the blog post from the manufacturer of her online store software and notices that it deals with exactly these questions. Each of their topics is highlighted in a dedicated webinar in one week – presented by experts, illustrated with examples, and offered with the possibility to ask questions. Hannah won't let this chance pass her by! She signs up for the webinar week and is eager to get valuable input for scaling her business.

Shopware webinar week: the theme "Scaling your business"

No matter whether you are planning to expand in the future or if you are already only managing to work on your daily to-dos due to your constant growth – we support you in scaling your business. So if you don't quite know how to approach the whole issue yet, don't worry. We understand that scaling is complex and has many facets. That's why we’re not covering this topic in a single webinar, but instead are offering you an entire webinar week.

In our webinar week, we will examine all facets of the topic of scaling in a total of five webinars to give you a comprehensive overview. We are supported by our Shopware partners XentralPayPalBrickfoxFirebear Studio and DHL. In their respective webinar slots, our partners each devote themselves to a specific aspect of the topic in order to cover it as comprehensively as possible. Do you think that sounds exciting? Then check out the program for our webinar week now!

The program for our webinar week on the topic of "Scaling 

⚠️ Can't attend a webinar live? No problem! We will send the recording to registered participants afterwards.

Webinar 1 – 05. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: Xentral (German)


5 reasons for a lean ERP │ How Xentral makes scaling possible – with customer case Liebscher & Bracht

Let your business grow! The foundation is an effective and efficient software environment that you can rely on.  

The motto is: let us show you in our first webinar with Xentral, how a Lean ERP also enables scaling your business, and how this can actually be implemented in practice.

Error rate halved thanks to clearly set-up order processing, 500 more parcels per day by optimizing shipping processes, 6-figure savings by avoiding high consultant fees. Shopware user Liebscher & Bracht has simplified its processes enormously with Xentral. And you can too! Find out how in the webinar with Haris from Xentral. He will be available to answer any questions you may have on the subject. 

Webinar 2 – 06. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: PayPal (German)


Grow locally and internationally together with Shopware and PayPal

Along with ERP, the choice of the right payment provider is essential. This is about meeting customer needs, mobile-optimized payment options and the ability of your payment provider to guide and support you as you scale. In this webinar, Sönmez from PayPal will show you what options are available and what you should look out for. And of course, he will also have some time for your questions. Let us take you into the world of payments in this approx. 40-minute webinar, and learn more about what the topic of payments has to do with scaling your business. 

Webinar 3 – 07. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: Brickfox (German)


Scaling on online marketplaces – we show you how to do it right! 

How you can use the potential of multichannel ecommerce cleverly and efficiently for yourself. 

You have seen in the previous webinars that your software environment should be adapted to the scaling process and the payment methods you offer must also fit your growth. This is how you create a good base for yourself. That means you will be equipped to discover new sales channels and win new customers for your business. Marketplaces are sales channels. 

In this webinar you will learn how you, as a merchant or manufacturer, can use online marketplaces cleverly and efficiently for your own success together with a Shopware 6 store. In this 60-minute webinar, Torsten from Brickfox will provide you with extensive answers to questions like: 

  • What is really important here? 
  • Where are the differences between marketplaces? 
  • Where might you find hidden challenges?  
  • What are the most important platforms? 

Of course, there will also be plenty of time in this webinar for any questions you may have. 

Webinar 4 – 12. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm CEST – Partner: DHL (German)


Scaling shipping with DHL

Internationalization and process automation.

All the preparations you have made so far will only be of limited help if you are ready to scale up internally, but cannot supply your customers efficiently. Optimized shipping processes are also – and from the customer's point of view especially – a decisive factor. In the webinar with Raphael from DHL, you will learn exactly what role shipping plays. In this webinar, he will address two aspects of scaling in particular.

1. Scaling is always about how you can grow. International shipping can play an important role in this.

2. To prevent scaling from becoming an operational fiasco, it is essential that it is accompanied by automation of many processes, including shipping. Of course, we will also allow enough time for your questions in this webinar. Raphael will be happy to help you with this.

Webinar 5 – 13. April 2022 11 am - 12 pm – Partner: Firebear Studio (English) 


How to save money using an Import-Export App 

Join this English-speaking webinar and learn more about scaling your business. 

To scale a business also often means handling and maintaining more data. Suppose it is product data that needs to stay updated, whether it´s the migration to a new system that supports your business in the process of scaling. Importing and Exporting data from one to another application may take time and effort and, in the end, will cost your company money. 

In this webinar of 60 minutes, Alexey from Firebear Studio will tell you how a single Import and Export application can save you this money on product catalogue updates, product information management, and store management automation. Sure, there is time for your questions in this webinar as well. 

Would you like to join our webinar week and learn more about how you can scale your business and all its processes? Then register now for our free webinar week! 



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